How we know it’s now September

Let’s see: 75 years ago this month, “Russia” invaded its neighbor to the west. Some things never change, as Russia is currently … invading its neighbor to the west.

13 thoughts on “How we know it’s now September”

  1. Those who come to Russia with a sword will die by a sword… \\\\\\\\\\\something the West never learnt. From the short Napoleon, the one testicled Hitler to the balls less Cameron!

  2. Autumn 1956 Hungary. August 1968 Czechoslovakia.
    Can’t think of others. Poland (Solidarity, not 1939) was an inside job.

  3. You are all missing a big chance. Now to show that women are as good as men. Send in the feminists (etc) army. No need for HWMs.

  4. Except that Hindenburg and Ludendorff did a pretty good job defeating Russia. Not to mention various Mongol and Tatar hordes. Can be done, takes planning or simply overwhelming force.

  5. “Those who come to Russia with a sword will die by a sword”

    Except the British, French and Turks during the Crimean War, and the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War, and the Germans in WW1.

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