Interesting news from Saxony

The Alternative for Germany (AfD), which wants Europe’s crisis countries, including Greece and France, to leave the eurozone and aims to retrieve powers from Brussels, stormed home with a record ten per cent of the vote in polling in the eastern state of Saxony.

Not so much will France leave the euro but will the Germans force them to at some future date?

This comes only a year after AfD’s founding……

5 thoughts on “Interesting news from Saxony”

  1. Germany should get everybody else out of the Eurozone and then rename their currency the EuroMark. Other countries could have the EuroFranc, EuroDrachma, etc. It would be like having your own currency, but more Euroish.

    The new ECB headquarters would have to be taken over and paid for by the Germans (it is in Frankfurt) as there would be no need for an ECB.

  2. That’s Saxony, of “grim post-Soviet poverty” fame, where the NPD (neo-Nazis) got 10% in 2004. A bit like looking at UKIP in Clacton and assuming they’re going to sweep the board nationwide.

  3. The […] AfD which wants Europe’s crisis countries, including Greece and France, to leave the eurozone

    Has there been a change of policy? Wasn’t their policy for Germany to leave the Euro which seems altogether more sensible than for other countries to fall out one at a time?

    johnb78: from SED to NPD really isn’t a giant step, is it?

  4. The elephant in the room is that the AfD, at the voter level (the leadership is newly-minted), basically consists of the euroseptic wing of the FDP along with a few disillusioned adherents of the Big State parties.

    And that euroseptic wing turns out to have been rather bigger – indeed shockingly bigger, as in about 3 times the size of the non-septic – than us rump FDP loyalists imagined. So much bigger that even the rump FDP leadership isn’t confronting it.

  5. @TMB, AfD doesn’t have a coherent euro policy, indeed doesn’t have a coherent policy on anything. The NPD-lite faction wants to bring back the Mark, close the borders, and throw out (some) foreigners. The liberal-lite faction would be happy with the euro status-quo but to stop throwing money at Greece and they can stay or leave the euro (to me both ways are equally bad as this is essentially a Hobson’s choice between repeated default or repeated devaluation) as they see fit.

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