Keith Vaz is a ghastly little shit, isn’t he?

Keith Vaz, the home affairs select committee chairman, is to inquire about an “emergency law” to sack Shaun Wright, the embattled South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner (PCC), in the wake of last month’s child abuse revelations.

MPs called Wright a charlatan and “a dead PCC walking” after he claimed he was doing a “very good job”. Wright said resigning would be the easy option, after widespread calls for him to step down.

Look, Keithy mate, this is all really very simple indeed.

Maybe there should be PCCs, maybe there shouldn’t be. Perhaps they should be directly elected and perhaps they shouldn’t be.

But the fact is that they are directly elected. Which means that we the voters have hired them and the only people (absent an actual criminal conviction, and the rules for that need to be set in advance, as they are for MPs) that get to fire them are us the voters. As with your own position as an MP.

And that’s it, it really is that simple.

No elected official can be fired by the State.

18 thoughts on “Keith Vaz is a ghastly little shit, isn’t he?”

  1. A great word for Keith Vaz, in addition to all the above, is oleaginous (in all its meanings). If ever there were a case for an elected person to be removed by the State for their behaviour in public office it’s the repulsive fat fvck himself.

    I hope begging and robbing gypsies from Eastern Europe are currently infesting his neighbourhood, crapping all over the public and common areas of it and sleeping in his doorway

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Luke – “Is that actually true? I don’t know, just asking.”

    Well the short answer is no. The longer answer is a little more complicated.

    Admittedly Keith Vaz is an oleaginous sh!t. Worse than that really. But what do you expect if you let the sewers of the Third World flood the UK? Vaz is the sort of sh!t that turns out.

    However, the Indian government can and does suspend State governments that govern with gross incompetence. I would think that theoretically every Commonwealth country with States can do it too. Most of them are not that utterly incompetent though. The City of Detroit has had someone appointed over them.

    However there is an obvious exception within the UK – the Queen sacks the PM and every other sitting member. She dissolves Parliament and forces them to go back to their constituents and ask for their job back. Admittedly she does not do this on her own any more. But her representative in Australia did, once, which is a source of complaint to the Left down that way ever since.

  3. Vaz is just the front man. Parliament wants Wright as the scapegoat to absolve it from dealing with the mass of perpetrators across the UK. Maybe 100,000 Pakistani-descent child rapists and a million cops, council employees, & councillors.
    A constitutional solution would be a mass trial, lengthy sentences for the guilty, & their banging up in a Supermax hell-hole.
    But the UK political and legal elites won’t let that happen.
    So, pending the revolution, I’ll take Wright as down payment.

  4. But they daren’t put him on trial because of what would come out in his defence, dragging everyone else into complicity.

  5. DocBud
    Nope, I don’t mean every Pakistani-descent person is a rapist. I’m estimating the likely size of the rapist subset of the UK population of 1.2 million by extrapolating the Wakefield data.

  6. BiG
    Well you could try to hold out for the Chiltern Thousands, maybe.
    Operation Yewtree seems to believe it.

  7. Once met a lass who new Vaz professionally and socially. She decribed him as the most corrupt public official she’d ever met. ( And she’d met a few)

  8. Considering what and who they voted for over the last decade or more – should the inhabitants of the UK be allowed to vote at all?

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