Looks good to me: I’d vote for it


Be fun to see the Sorbs and Frisians back on the map….and what fun to have fences along the Tamar, to keep the damn Cornish out of Devon.

Of course we’d have to kill the EU before allowing this otherwise all the power will just end up in Brussels.

13 thoughts on “Looks good to me: I’d vote for it”

  1. Why no Sami across Norway Sweden and Finland? been to the region in all three countries- they even have local parliaments in Sweden and Finland – definitely and demonstratively a distinctive people?

  2. I think it’s because the map comes from a group trying to argue how silly it would all be. And there’s not much silly about the Sami going it alone.

  3. May I recommend Germania by Simon Winder: the unification of Germany lost the cultural and intellectual wealth of doing things differently in duchies, principalities, Hanseatic league cities and others. Where would Luther be able to flee to, given the reach of the European Arrest Warrant and the legislative urges of the EU? The Ecuadorean consulate?

  4. And how about your beat, the Algarve. Whilst there might not be an independence movement yet, it shouldn’t take a lot to get one started.

    Bet it would do better alone, than pulled down by the weight of Lisboa officialdom.

  5. Unfortunately it’s the map of members of the European Free Alliance, which is a Euro-Parliament grouping of left-wing local-nationalist parties. That’s why, for example, the Liga Veneta Repubblica is in there but not the Liga Nord.


    Sadly they want to separate from their nation but remain subservient to the EU.

    The EFA is allied to the Greens in the Euro-Parliament.

  6. Surprised there aren’t more messy bits in Italy – perhaps their mouths have been stuffed enough with our money that they’re happy, for now.

  7. “After tomorrow Scotland can be removed from this map; they just won’t give us the pleasure will they.”

    Well it will certainly be brown trouser day for a few of us on the answer to that question.

  8. @TDK

    I don’t understand why a big lake would be constructed in Morocco and the Canaries moved there?

    That’s an interesting observation. The Canaries are shown where the Atlas exist. The people of the Atlas Mountains are Berbers, with their own language and culture. For example, they are muslims, but the women don’t wear veils/whatever. The Berbers don’t much care for Arabs “Mahgribbis”. They’d be up for independence, no problem.

    I spent 6 months doing fieldwork in the Atlas. Had a great time, loved it.

  9. Fragmentation is a recipe for wars of empire.
    14th century Europe had 1,000 political units. By 1900 there were 25. The stronger units had eaten the weaker ones.

  10. BraveFart

    And I genuinely feel for you, I do. The genie though is now out of the bottle. Devo-Max means Cameron starts batting for England or the Tories will ditch him; really bloody simple now.

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