Oh good grief.

Johann Hari writes Russell Brand’s stuff?

Weird: Hari was of course similarly light on facts and logic but was a far better writer than what we’ve seen under Brand’s name…..

14 thoughts on “Oh good grief.”

  1. Nah, he’s just working on some new Christmas cash-in book by the look of it. And holding the camcorder for his vids.

    A mate of mine used to shag Brand. Says he spend days and days revising and reworking pieces.

    Personally, I think Brand’s a hell of a wordsmith (if not, ahem, a profound political thinker). Hari *wishes* he could write like that.

  2. No wonder his jokes are pish.

    I can write better ones in my sleep.

    Question – what kind of carpet do cats prefer?

    Answer – a Purrrsian (persian) rug!

  3. Brand seems to be in the earlier stages of a potentially spectacular mid-life crisis. This could (could mind) be an hilarious/teeth-gnashing source of comedy/horror over the coming years.

    I’d wondered what happened to Hari – gods he took a fall and he didn’t go dignified.

  4. ^^^^ – Hasn’t the internet done in that particular trade yet ( the cards not the whoring)?

    Speaking of Hari – it was always a case of when, not if, he was going to get caught (Private Eye were reporting on his various fictions for yonks and yonks before the scandal that did for him broke). But when he was in his heyday it was impossible, just impossible, to read one of his longer pieces and not have bullshit alarm ringing — the chap was so obviously making shit up! I remember reading something about workers conditions in Dubai (perfectly good subject for an article) and the ‘quotes’ from the local british expats sounded like they came from the mouth of a red-faced Colonel, in one of the more decadent parts of the empire, circa 1897. FFS did his editors really not see this?

    That’s a point actually – do the eds ever get a bollocking when this sort of thing happens? I know nothing of hacks.

  5. Dan – I haven’t been in London for longer than a flying visit in years, but I’d be surprised if the cards have gone away completely. The internet doesn’t have the same old fashioned charm as a pink business card offering the discreet services of a convincing African pre-op transsexual dominatrix called “Lady Sparkle”.

    Or so I understand.

  6. Clearly not a book to be tossed aside lightly.

    it should be thrown with great force!

    (wish I’d thought of that…)

  7. I was surprised to read that Mr Russell Brand is 38 years old.
    I assumed he was younger.
    Much younger.
    Practically juvenile.
    Maybe that’s just his opinions.

  8. The Laughing Cavalier

    Anyone who has heard the inarticulate Mr Brand speak would have guessed that he didn’t write his own material. He is incapable of stringing two words together in a sensible manner.

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