Plus ca change, c’est la meme chose

Shweta Prasad, one of India’s best known former Bollywood child stars, has been arrested for prostitution during a police raid in Hyderabad.

Now 23, she is best known as the 11-year-old star of Makdee, in which she played a young girl captured by a witch.

More Bollywood roles followed her debut and she won parts in India’s popular Telugu and Bengali films as well.

But her arrest on Sunday highlighted Bollywood’s sleazy dark side.

In a statement to the police, she said how she and many other actresses had been lured into prostitution when Bollywood roles dried up and the money ran out. She had not found a film role in eight years.

There was a time in England that to be an actress was really a method of showing off one’s charms for the wealthier members of the audience who might be interested in a more intimate performance later on.

One such famously ended up as a Duchess as a result (umm, perhaps of Bolton?).

Human nature tends not to change all that much. And being both very good looking and also a good actress is pretty much the required qualification for working at the high end of the trade really.

10 thoughts on “Plus ca change, c’est la meme chose”

  1. Ballet dancers… Spectacularly fit (in both uses of the word) and thus very tiring. I speak from (anything but bitter) experience.! 🙂

  2. Arguably ballet dancers caused Britain’s participation in WWI.

    If Edward VII had not been so keen on visiting Paris to enjoy the pleasures of the ballet, he never would have become so popular in France and we would never have signed the Entente Cordiale.

    In which case we would probably not have come to France’s aid in August 1914.

  3. Shins

    I’ll see your Princess and raise you a Queen of Judea.

    (But I expect a Chinese Empress will be along in a minute.)

  4. In which case we would probably not have come to France’s aid in August 1914.

    Strictly speaking, we came to Belgium’s aid on account of our guarantee (assumed) under Article VII of the 1839 Treaty of London.

    But sex is always going to be a better seller than diplomacy. Unless the diplomacy involves lots of sex.

  5. OK, AP. I’m all in.

    Several Sultanas, wife of King of Thailand, wife of Communist Dictator.

    And I’ll keep Arnold Schwarzenegger as my hole card.

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