Questions in Slate we can answer

Teddy Roosevelt Would Never Get Elected in 2014

He’s dead and corpses aren’t eligible.

13 thoughts on “Questions in Slate we can answer”

  1. I was going to say, “Corpses may not be eligible to run, but they certainly do vote in the States,” but nbc beat me to the punchline.

    Damn. 🙂

  2. John Fembup – “. . . yeah, and if Ty Cobb were still alive and playing for Detroit, he’d only hit .280 or so.”

    Ty Cobb was famous for his on-field aggression and open racism. There is no way he could play in the modern League. Certainly not for Detroit. He probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

    However I don’t get Slate’s point. Sure, no politician before Carter could survive in the modern political atmosphere of personal destruction and political correctness. This is not an advertisement for Slate’s particular brand of personal destruction and political correctness. We would be better off with Teddy and without Slate.

  3. Firstly, since 2014 isn’t an election year, being alive wouldn’t change the odds.
    Secondly, having served two terms would make him ineligible.
    Thirdly, his ghost (or portrait, for those whose sons have read the Harry Potter series) would be far preferable to Mrs Clinton.

  4. Footnote:
    No-one wanted to change the rules to stop Teddy getting a third term – it was after FDR had a third term that they changed the rules.
    Go, figure!

  5. He’s dead and corpses aren’t eligible.

    Aren’t they? Mel Carnahan was the Democratic Governor of Missouri. And he was elected to the Senate after he died in a plane crash just before the election. Defeating John Ashcroft.

    It happens.

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