Questions in The Guardian we can answer

Why has Kelly Brook got away with punching two men?

Because she’s a pretty face with great knockers.

The rules are different when you’ve those rather than reminding people of the back of the Clapham Omnibus: you know, sheer, red and belching smoke?

11 thoughts on “Questions in The Guardian we can answer”

  1. The “All my Old Lovers” autobiography usually comes out when the young piece realises she’s reaching her sell-by date. So let’s all be generous to her; she probably won’t be getting away with domestic violence any more.

  2. The Stigler,

    I don’t know, Olando Bloom being as wet as a soaking bus ticket doesn’t seem to have harmed his career playing leading action rolls, regardless of him being out-acted by a broomstick. on top of his wetness.

  3. Because she’s a woman. Only men beating women is a bad thing. And it’s the private sector’s job to punish the assaulters, not the legal system’s, as we’ve been learning here in the States.

  4. Kelly Brooks is an interesting case. She has done what might be called the feminine equivalent of a bit of domestic violence – she has accused her former boyfriends of being a bit Gay (well, gay perhaps). Spineless is her word. They cannot, of course, answer back while she debases their manhood.

    The interesting bit is the 100% push back she is getting in the comments. Ms Brook has been a long-time Daily Mail favourite, but not after these comments.

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