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This summer I went to Italy for my summer break. I have always found the food there far better than in France or Britain. I doubt that the credit for that should go to the Italian parliament.

Tim Harford

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  1. TJJ>

    Don’t worry, nothing can make Miliband electable. The PLP elite may not be concerned by the fact that he has the position as a result of inherited privilege rather than on merit, but actual Labour voters are a different matter.

    I still find it unlikely that Labour will go into the next election with Miliband still in charge.

  2. Dave – in normal times you’d have been right. Michael Foot’s less charismatic successor wouldn’t have gotten near 10 Downing Street.

    But these aren’t normal times. These are crazy times.

    45% of the Scottish electorate just voted to end the Union. English people in London have been beheaded by Muslims. The Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party complains about too many “white faces”. The government and political class as a whole seem determined to destroy our electricity generating capacity. We are, for some reason, at war in Iraq again.

    It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world. Ed Miliband becoming PM is no more unlikely than any of the ambient madness we find ourselves surrounded by.

  3. Om the other hand Tim, when I see some of the quite magnificent sights on Italian TV I do think the credit should go to the former PM of Italy.

  4. The consistently best food I’ve eaten in continental Europe has been in Amsterdam, with Innsbruck a close second.

  5. “45% of the Scottish electorate just voted to end the Union.”

    36.6% of the electorate actually. So, just over a third.

    Two-thirds of the electorate didn’t vote for Scotland to break up the United Kingdom.

  6. Frederick

    “It’s comments like yours that would make me more likely to vote UKIP.”

    Saw lots of “arguments” like this from Yes side during the Scottish independence debate.

    Do you lot all start smoking 40 a day because you are so bothered by the bullying health warnings ?

  7. Shinsei1967 – Sure. 45% of those who could be bothered voting wanted to end the Union. That would have been unthinkable a generation ago.

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