Tim Daw’s getting good at this PR stuff…..

Yours for £400, eternal rest in a Stone Age tomb …newly built in a Wiltshire field by a farmer called Tim

Farmer Tim Daw has built a long barrow burial site in a field on his farm
The tombs were used to store the remains of loved ones 5,000 years ago
Tim is selling spots for £400 – and 60 people have already reserved places
The ashes of Carol Gray were the first to be moved into Tim’s new tomb
When the Neolithic long barrow is full it will contain 600 cremated remains

Second time now he’s had is splashed in the Mail.

9 thoughts on “Tim Daw’s getting good at this PR stuff…..”

  1. @Rob

    No, they got the exclusive gold package, with a name plate and a screen which plays your lifetime’s greatest achievements on a constant loop.

    £400 buys you silver, and there’s bronze at £150.

    I’m going for free, as in spread on the hill overlooking Slad, and perhaps the world’s greatest pub.

  2. Rob says:
    He must be breaking at least 490 local laws/rules.

    AFIK, this is one of the few areas where we still enjoy some liberty. (After death.) You can choose to be buried in your own back garden if you like. Estate agents will advise against it, for marketing reasons.

    You can keep granddad’s ashes on the mantlepiece, or scatter them where you will. (Maybe not on municipal allotments but nearly anywhere else, and who’s to know?)

    Only 600 urns though? Sounds like a short, not a long barrow.

  3. 🙂 But you missed The Times article last week and the local press and radio. And the Magazine article I spent all day helping them with which should come out at Christmas.

    As you like numbers the real figures are 85 single urn niches @ £400, 40 double urn spaces @ £600 (all sold) and 215 standard niches @ £1200 which can hold up to six urns. Most of the sold niches were sold at a discount as it was pre completion and they were sold “off plan”.

  4. Won’t the wail publish anything if you pay the £40 that “faily wail writer” gets to write the average (rest in) piece?

    If there is indeed a discount this time around, cue the wail wailing about rip-off-Britain regarding the first mugs to elect for interment there, along with demands that the renegade capitalist make amends for changing his prices. Complete with cross-armed fat Sandra from Swidnun’s OUTRAGEd FURY about the running dogs cashing in on Kyle’s, Chardonnay’s, L’Tisha’s, DeLoyn’s and Lolita’s grief.

  5. It is obviouse that disposing of the dead is going to be very big business. And that there won’t be enough space for traditional burial.
    So there is a chance for some entrepreneur to store every individiuals DNA for an awfully long time. This would take up little space (and the police etc would help in this ,matter).
    The rest of the body could be recycled by digestion -hogs, sea fish etc rather than worms.

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