Timmy does some actual reporting

The European Commission Is Not About To Fine Apple

Rather surprised myself this morning. Spotted a story that had to be wrong in the FT. Checked it (and in the process was polite to an EU employee, gee, the things I have to do….) and lo and behold, it was wrong.

10 thoughts on “Timmy does some actual reporting”

  1. Just goes to show how successful the narrative, the retired accountant over at TaxResearch, has been building, is proving.
    The plotline is evil tax avoiding/evading companies. (Two terms are interchangable, depending which character’s got the dialogue.) Forces of good, in the white hats, are the State(s)* & their trusty footsoldiers.
    *Except for the vile, Tax Haven, pirates.

    Journalists buy into it because, as card carrying uni-grads, they’re accredited thick-as-pigshit & see no further than the chase & sex scenes..

  2. Nowt wrong with chase & sex scenes (have you ever watched ‘The Chase’?). As a uni grad I can look somewhat further too – like the backstory, the plot being presented, the plot not being presented but existing anyway, the impact and so on.

  3. So at worst: The EU Commission could, some time in the future once they have finished their investigation, fine Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands if it is shown that they provided illegal state aid?

  4. Please elaborate on how the Irish Gobt might attempt to recover any illegal subsidies offered to Apple. I find it hard to fathom how they could do this, esp since this dates back to 1991! And can you possibly estimate Apple’s potential liability if this were to happen

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