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At the ASI.

Limits to Growth is still piffle, yes. As is the entire logical basis upon which the Club of Rome is based.

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  1. One of the horseshit specials served up at the time was that if Africa wanted to install a telephone network the same size as America’s there would not be enough copper.
    1-Since that time more copper has been found and we are better at extracting copper.
    2-Aluminium can substitute for a lot of the functions of copper and there is plenty of that.
    3-Then along came fibre optics and the need for copper was diminished again
    4-Then lasers that could carry vast numbers of calls along fibre-optics.
    5-Then satellites and mobile phones and all of that.

    Africa prob is now capable of making more internal calls than the American phone system was capable of handling in the 1960s all without a fixed network and with very little use of copper.

    The Club of Rome were and still are scummy eco-freak leftist liars.

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