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Owen Jones doesn’t seem to know what the word “socialism” means.

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  1. Bloke in Germany – old school socialism:

    “Capitalism is making you poorer! Socialism will create abundance!”

    New school socialism:

    “Abundance is evil and destroys the environment! Everybody will be happier when we force you to live like Tom and Barbara from The Good Life!”

  2. There’s a similar hatred of professional footballers commanding huge salaries. These are working class people who create huge revenues and receive their due reward, yet the Left utterly despises them, yet seem to have no issues at all with those who make millions in the music industry.

    Can anyone point me to an article from the Left denouncing Coldplay’s millions?

    I can only assume snobbery is the cause. Imagine, these uncouth louts earning millions for just kicking a ball around, while I only get £50k a year monitoring diversity for the local council!

  3. Rob: Can anyone point me to an article from the Left denouncing Coldplay’s millions?

    I wish I could give you chapter and verse on this but not that long ago Adele discovered how much tax she was having to pay and had the temerity to express surprise and displeasure which brought down some hostility down upon her head.

    Musos as a whole tend to be lefty or at least ‘alternative’ while footballers are flashy and spend money liberally on things that are not approved of by the left.

  4. Rob, agree totally on footballers. I’ve just written the same on the ASI site.

    Re Coldplay: I would be more than happy to write that article for you. Nothing to do with Chrtis Martin’s posturing; all about his shit music.

  5. It was a low point in one of the daily Scottish referendum debate TV programmes when we recently had to endure Owen Jones and Tommy Sheridan (sporting the deepest hue of orange skin ever seen on a human) on a panel spouting YES socialist bvllshit together and showing general worker solidarity tugging each other off.

  6. So Our Owen (bless) is protesting the use of taxpayer’s money by the treasury to sue to… protect the vast swathes of taxpayer’s money that bonuses bring in due to the additional rate of which Our Owen clearly approves.

    Or does he think that the bonuses are in some way tax-free? Does he think at all beyond the prejudice-reinforcing soundbite?

    Let’s see… 2,714 bonuses of more than 1M. Let’s say the mean is about 1.25 (since the distribution will skew towards the lower end). So that’s 3.4 billion of bonuses.

    Tax due – Income tax @ 45% = 1.53 billion.
    NI (employee) @ 2% = 68 million
    NI (employer) @ 13.8% = 469 million.

    Total tax = just over 2 billion.

    Surely Our Owen should be hailing these stakhanovites as Heroes of Labour for their tax contribution?

  7. MB, it’s just the metropolitan Lefty types who can’t stand footballers salaries. Fans usually think, good luck to them.

    Actors and musicians making millions is fine but not footballers. They won’t think Mise van der Rohe played for the 1974 Dutch World Cup squad. They have taste.

  8. I always assumed socialists were communists who didn’t want to cough to the fact, due to embarrassment over communism’s body count.

  9. BraveFart
    If Tommy Sheridan is still taken seriously in Scotland then maybe it’s time to rethink my Unionist views.

  10. Its not just Owen who doesn’t understand Socialism. It appears that most Millenials in the USA don’t understand what it means either. The good news is that when it is pointed out that it means the end of private business and the State running all companies eg no Apple, Google etc, they turn out to be good free market supporters.


    Apparently its to do with not having lived through the cold war and misunderstanding something that is a social good as Socialism.

  11. Mike

    “Is there anyone around with a more punchable face than Owen?”

    Well, just at the moment Alec Salmond comes No 1 for me and Richard Murphy is a perennial favourite.

    Both of these have the advantage that their faces are considerably fatter than Owen’s so one is less likely to miss.

    However, against that, being padded they are better cushioned against damage.

    George Galloway also recently demonstrated his known, but hitherto undemonstrated, punchability.

  12. Ironman
    Tommy has always had, and will always retain, a core support here – or not here precisely but in the greater Glasgow area – but thankfully it continues to dwindle. If the allegations (still disputed) are true there is a certain, ahem, “venue” in Manchester where support was particularly enthusiastic.

    He’s not ageing well though and his orange skin makes the TV look like the colour saturation is on maximum.

  13. @The Meissen Bison

    ‘Musos as a whole tend to be lefty or at least ‘alternative”

    It always makes me chortle when their true colours are revealed, or they ‘see the light’.

    One of my favourite examples is of Paul Weller, who wrote ‘Eton Rifles’ as a way of deomstrating his hatred of private education, and possibly Eton CCF, and then sent his own kids to private school once he had the dosh.

    Quote: When I ask what he spends his money on he rolls his eyes. ‘School fees…’ He had qualms about it at first, but all his children have been educated at private schools. Where he lives is not exactly the worst part of London, he says, but the local comprehensives were never an option. ‘I don’t want my kids coming home speaking like Ali G – I’m just not having it.’


    For double irony, it is claimed that Bruce Foxton sent his son to Eton itself.

    For treble irony, he was supposedly called Iago.

    (I think this is an urban myth, sadly.)

  14. On the subject of punchable faces;if a firebrand social campaigner puts sponsored posts on his blog, lauding operators of privatised rail services for example, is it ethical not to declare then as such?

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    No doubt I’m showing my age, but it is completely impossible for me to take seriously the views of anyone who looks like Owen Jones. When I picture the word “callow”, this is what I see. I feel like shouting, “shut up, boy! There are adults talking!”

  16. @Arnald

    ‘Yeah, Gillies, as people would throw up over yours.’

    No-one called Gillies, David or otherwise, has commented. You thick tool.

  17. These are working class people who create huge revenues and receive their due reward, yet the Left utterly despises them

    The left can’t stand the ‘working class boy made good’, because, if the working class can succeed on their own, what do they need the left for?

  18. Interested, you twat, it’s a very distinctive avatar by bloke in costa rica’s posts. Also the language is clear. You are an arrogant tit.

    You tiny member.

  19. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yes, it is I, David G., having adopted the nom de blogue of BiCR and Angrynald has me bang to rights. I think Armald, or Arnald, or sock-puppet Richard Murphy or whathaveyou, might be a wee bit unhinged. It’s a hallmark of his ilk that when reasoning fails, invective follows. Quite why my observations about Owen Jones’s pre-pubescent looks should cause his sword to leap from its scabbard (ooh-err missus) is a question perhaps best not examined too closely. His rantings do add to the gaiety of nations, however.

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