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At the ASI.


In which we have the lovely sight of people protesting against a government policy that is actually effective, really doing what it says on the tin.

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  1. Discrimination law exists to punish the White and the male. Chuka is not one although I have it on good authority he is the other. So he doesn’t care. These laws exist to reward his friends and punish his enemies. Naturally he wants as many of the former rewarded as possible, as well as as many of the latter punished.

    Justice is neither here nor there.

  2. Discrimination laws cannot be employed by white males as they are themselves discriminatory. And brazen violations of people’s right to do what they like with their business, property etc.

  3. The fee isn’t small – that’s my only reservation about the policy. £1200 is way more than a month’s minimum wage (even before tax); It’s about 3 weeks worth of median wages after tax.

    There will be plenty of folks who just don’t have access to that kind of money regardless of the merits of their case. I know that there are allowances for the poorest but I’ll betcha that those on median wages don’t fall under the definition of “poor”.

  4. I’m with Geoffers – where is a 19 year old pastry chef supposed to find £1,200? Justice reserved for the wealthy is no justice at all.

    The small claims courts mange to operate on much smaller fees, and the fees are proportionate to the sum claimed. For employment tribunals the fees could be proportional to one’s salary.

  5. How much does a defense against a claim cost, for an employer? Where is a small business on the financial edge supposed to get that sort of money?

    Justice reserved for wealthy employers is no justice, either.

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    Got to agree with Tim. Government policy has indeed fulfilled its aims.
    Tribunals are now restricted to:
    A. People with above median earnings. ie like people in governments.
    B Those with the backing of organised groups ie unions, politicised organisations

    What government does best. Shit on the little people.

    As for Chukusyermoney; Labour governments are no different. They’d just do it a different way.

  7. The whole thing is nuts. If I spend my dough setting up a business why should government ministers or judges or anyone else tell me who I can employ? Scrap the fees and the tribunals.

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