Well, yeah, but Polly

In 15th place, the UK is already low on OECD charts in health spending as a proportion of GDP, lower than in 2009, with even Portugal higher.

But this is your damn fucking point, isn’t it? That a National Health Care system without markets, without competition, without profits, is cheaper than one with all those things?

So how can you now claim that the system you support because it’s cheaper is bad because it’s cheaper?

Ah, yes, sorry, I recall now, it’s all coming back to me. Logic and Polly world don’t meet, do they?

5 thoughts on “Well, yeah, but Polly”

  1. The ancient Phoenicans used to burn infants alive to appease their god, Moloch; today, we sacrifice money to the deity of Skoolzanospitals. It doesn’t matter what happens to the money, where it goes or what if anything changes: the only measure of success is how much is handed over to the high priests of Skoolzanospitals.

    But Skoolzanospitals is a jealous God, and He will suffer no other to be worshipped. And if there should be some who are not healthy, or are not well educated, that is because our tributes to Skoolzanospitals have not been considered worthy, and only by sacrificing more money unto him will the vulnerable and needy be saved.

  2. Is that really her point, Tim? I thought her point was that everyone should have the bestest, bestest, hospitals, for free at point of delivery, highly paid workers and paid for by those rich bastards no matter what the cost. And schools, police, firemen, courts, public transport etc etc. I often wonder if you took the cost of each individual thing that Polly and her ilk demand, add the costs together how many 100s % of GDP it would come to.

  3. In the EUSSR, the important thing about health spending isn’t the health, it’s the spending.

    To be fair, Tim, she could quite consistently argue that we should spend the same as everyone else but get a better service because of the wondrous efficiency of the NHS. (And now I’ve got to go and get my face straightened.)

  4. We spend less on health than other countries, less on education too presumably, no doubt less than others on our trains and roads, and as we’ve learnt from the recent NATO meeting, we spend very little on the military.

    So where the hell does our tax money go?

  5. I will have to look up the figures, but my recollection is that government health spending as % of GDP in UK is not so different. It’s that most other countries have higher private spending on top.
    Something which is considered EVIL here.

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