Well yes, but I didn’t expect Ritchie to be so self-aware

From Twitter:

Financial literacy is shockingly low

Yes, yes it is.

Shocking: we must tackle this

We do try but you block the financially literate from commenting at your blog matey….

6 thoughts on “Well yes, but I didn’t expect Ritchie to be so self-aware”

  1. Stopped clocks. It’s not self awareness. If you push so much crap in to the politico-blogo-sphere, occasionally some of it may seem serendipitous.

    Actually, it’s no better than him winning at roulette.

  2. Bizarrely, I find myself reading this on a train sitting across from the great man. He looks just like his photo, but he is surprisingly small. Observation, not insult.

  3. One of the greatest quotes ever from the man:

    ‘The question is where to draw the line and to ask how accountability is to be created since accountability is much more the hallmark of the public than the private sector.’

    I’m sure the victims in Rotherham are nodding their assent as to the ‘Greater accountability’ in the Public Sector even as he speeds South from Glasgow….

  4. Miles, no, I didn’t. He was deeply engaged with his travelling companion throughout. Had it lapsed, I planned to show him TW’s blog on my phone and ask him what he thought of it.

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