What a bloody good idea

A pop-up restaurant event selling dinners requested by prisoners on death row is under pressure to shut before it even opens after a barrage of criticism.

The event, called Death Row Dinners, was due to open in trendy Hoxton Square, East London next month – charging customers £50 for their ‘last meal’.

But organisers are now reconsidering their plans after an online backlash.

Chefs were to cook ‘a five course feast of their culinary twists on some of death rows most interesting and popular last dinners’, according to a statement from the organisers.

It adds: ‘Prepare to be charged, sentenced, searched and frisked.’

The event, which is set to run for a limited number of nights, was promoted with pictures of men, apparently prisoners, with menus around their necks.

OK, they’ve loaded it with a lot of pretentious tosh. But the basic idea is absolutely fabulous. You’d make a mint full of money running that in the US….

5 thoughts on “What a bloody good idea”

  1. Having seen a list of last meal requests a while back I am pretty sure 90% of them were fried chicken, ice cream and a coke.

  2. I find it a bit tasteless and I also wouldn’t expect the food to be up to much. To misquote Voltaire, I wouldn’t eat there myself, but I will defend to the death the rights of others to eat there.

  3. Just before being hanged in 1946 for murder Neville Heath’s last request was for a whiskey. “In the circumstances,” he added, “you might make that a double.”

  4. ah i see the twitterarti dont like it. Fair enough, I would have thought they’d close due to not attracting enough customers rather than some self-important sanctimoans complaining about something they dont have to go to if they dont want.

    Have to say business leaders and entrepreneurs sometimes care too much about what some tumblr obsessed losers think online.

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