When do we start the public hangings?

A researcher who raised the alarm over the sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago was sent on a ‘ethnicity and diversity course’ by child protection bosses who refused to act on her evidence.

The researcher, who was seconded to Rotherham council by the Home Office, was told she must “never, ever” again refer to the fact that the abusers were predominantly Asian men.

Speaking to the BBC’s Panorama programme under the condition of anonymity, the researcher said that she identified more 270 victims of trafficking and underage prostitution by mainly Muslim gangs in Rotherham.

But, despite being sent to Rotherham Council, the report – based on interviews with underage girls seeking help from the council’s anti-child prositution project, called Risky Business – was never published.

Indeed, the council tried unsuccessfully to sack the researcher after she resisted pressure to change her findings.

Well, when?

11 thoughts on “When do we start the public hangings?”

  1. The rapists’ vote is far more important than the girls being raped. At least that’s what it looks like from here in United States. Hang all of the council member, police, and everyone involved during that time, and hang those before and after just to be certain.

  2. Even if they couldn’t mention the aggressors’ ethnicity, why was the activity itself ignored for so bloody long?

  3. ‘Speaking to the BBC’s Panorama programme under the condition of anonymity..’

    Errr, just how many researchers have they sent on these courses & then unsuccessfully tried to sack that they can’t identify her from this?

  4. See my response above to the passports post. The State is above the law now. Like Judge Dredd, they are the law. So much of State activity is now illegal none of it can be punished because if you pull one block away, the whole thing collapses. And they won’t let a silly thing like the rule of law cause the collapse of the state. So sayonara to equality under the law.

  5. It’s not enough to hang the turds in Rotherham. We Must Tackle The Root Cause i.e. hang the Beebers and the Guardianistas too. Plus Sir Wm Macpherson of Cluny.

  6. The left must be destroyed before any problems created by islam–and a whole slew of other issues– can be sorted out. The problem there is that the country is rotten with low-level socialism. Not on the same poison level as the enemy class guardianistas but bad enough to keep situations going from bad to worse.

  7. The response of the council is un-defendable and someone should swing (be held accountable). It is regrettable that, given the climate of our day, a sensible lad will always be minded to body-swerve each and every woman that crosses his path in case she accuses him of invading her space. If you see a child in trouble, it’s probably best to cross the road rather than risk an accusation of being a kiddie-fiddler. And pointing the finger at one or other ethnic group is undoubtedly a career-ending course of action.

  8. This is a classic moment to illustrate why the right fails, and the left marches ever onwards.

    Imagine that the abuse had happened to muslim girls at the hands of white men. Now imagine said researcher had now revealed her treatment to Panorama. Do we imagine that the names of those who told her to bury the story would be allowed to remain secret? Of course not. There would be an enormous public inquiry – at huge expense – charities would be involved pressuring for change and prosecutions. Every individual involved would be named, shamed, pilloried in the press and courts and ‘Byng’d’. Every single ounce of blood would be wrung from the story and, years later, would still be held up as an example of how evil white men were and could not be trusted.

    On the right, however, we are too polite about human failings. We won’t demand the names of the experts and council officials who told the researcher to shut up. The liberal wall of protection will go up and ‘lessons will be learned’. It won’t be the fault of ‘any one individual’ and the left’s power grab will carry onwards and upwards.

  9. “On the right, however, we are too polite about human failings”

    Because we are the realists. We know that humans are base, and self interested. Its the entire basis of free market capitalism after all. My self interest and your self interest combine to create additional value for both of us. Right wingers do not believe in the nobility of the human spirit, and all that bollocks. They basically are the same as Christians – man is fundamentally wicked, and only by strict application of social convention and practical application of law can he be made to behave. The Left believe the opposite – every child is born pure, and is contaminated on earth. If only the earthly contamination can be eliminated we can all be pure as the driven snow.

    I’ll leave you to decide which is the more realistic view of humanity.

  10. dearieme: All too true.

    Let’s not forget- the pattern when armed gangs of foreign men invade your country, kill (behead?) your soldiers, and rape your women, is to expel the men with the minimum of bloodshed on your side. Even if that means foregoing deserved revenge, they are only doing what invading armies do. Then, kill the mongrel politicans who allowed them in.

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