Will Hutton the Quisling

So, on the subject of Scottish independence Will tells us that:

The only offer that can now persuade Scotland not to secede is to trump that half-cock quasi-federalism with a proper version. Westminster’s party leaders must offer to create a federal Britain and irrevocably commit to a constitutional convention to discuss its implementation if Scotland votes no.

This is not “devo max”, or further incremental powers to control social security or taxation. This has to be the real deal – a wholesale recasting of the British state so that Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and all Britain’s great cities and towns have the autonomy they need to create the societies and culture they want but within the protective umbrella of Great Britain. This really would be the best of both worlds, and not just for Scotland.

Lemme think about this. Those regions of England: they’d be those European Union ones would they? Each with its own little assembly? You know, like the NE was asked to vote upon and they said fuck off?

It’s wonderful how the same damn plans keep getting offered to us, isn’t it? Only the reasons proffered change.

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  1. FFS surely the one conclusion that we can draw from the last 50 years is that government in all its forms has failed to perform adequately.

    And the way to fix it is to have more of what we already know doesn’t work properly?

    Is it possible that the writers of ‘Passport To Pimlico’ had invented a time machine, came forward, read Huttons piece and were taking the piss out of it?

  2. Tim Newman, he did say “the protective umbrella of Great Britain”. As long as that includes protecting the downtrodden worker against evil corporate capitalist exploiters like, err, the NHS, then he’s left himself enough wiggle-room to support NPB.

  3. Democracy is a fabulous system that enables the powerful to take freedom away while pretending to increase it. That’s why they love it and want more of it.

  4. I’m not opposed to devolved government to English regions* in principle because England is over centralised, but the proposed North East assembly was not that.

    It would have taken its powers from existing local government rather than Westminster.

    * Although defining “region” is a bit tricky as without real historic areas with defined boundries, they tend to look rather arbitrary.

  5. Tim said: “Lemme think about this. Those regions of England …”

    Which Hutton doesn’t even get around to mentioning, as it would give away the game plan.

    If Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were federalised then England should get the same settlement.

  6. The problem with the EU’s plans is that they don’t go far enough. What we really need is for counties to become like Swiss cantons, exercising most powers, with the exception of those that have to be exercised nationally, which would be done at Westminster. I seem to recall that this used to get mentioned in UKIP policy documents.

  7. “..to create the societies and culture they want..” Blimy: that’s racist. Doesn’t Will the Windbag realise that the BNP wants to preserve Britishness and that that’s a crime against humanity?

    Sorry Will. The high priests of political correctness have decided that our fate is to be Islamised and Africanised, and you’re a racist if you object. You can have the “society and culture you want” just as long as it resembles that of the Islamic part of Nigeria.

  8. Some of the finest minds of the eighteenth century, versed in hundreds of years of political theory, created the American federal system. Ask the modern septic if Washington represents the political will of the people.

    If we attempted a “wholesale recasting of the British state”, its architects would be people like Owen Jones, Billy Bragg and, yes, Willy Hutton. Imagine the bleating about ‘fairness’ and weep.

  9. A Swiss-style cantonal structure would work well in the UK if the divisions could be seen as not being totally arbitrary and/or gerrymandered.

    But the decentralisation and inter-cantonal competition that would create would be intolerable to the Left.

    I suspect that the Left is in favour of devolution or federalism insofar as it helps the left electorally, to ensure that Labour or its bedfellows can control as much of the country as possible at all times. Which is why they’ll never tolerate English devolution – under the current system they can control either whole-UK, or at least Wales & Scotland to a large degree. Under English devolution they’d lose control of England even when they win at Westminster.

  10. “Under English devolution they’d lose control of England even when they win at Westminster”: no. Or at least not for long. Look about you.

  11. The problem with the EU’s plans is that they don’t go far enough.

    The only reason the EU want ‘regions’ is to eliminate the nation states which are the biggest impediments to the EU ruling over everyone. The UK is still powerful enough to occasionally stop the EU doing something intrusive and stupid. The EU Region previously known as Cornwall won’t be.

    And the whole Scottish ‘independence’ thing is a joke, if they plan to go running straight back to the EU afterwards. A real independent Scotland could probably do OK, but will have even less control over its own laws and policies if it becomes just another insignificant outpost of the EU.

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