Another Oh Dear at the Daily Mail

The annual Pickering Wartime and 1940s Weekend saw hundreds of people attend dressed in wartime attire, turning the township into a surreal scene from the 1940s. Many participants (main picture) appeared to have taken their costume inspiration from the beloved Dad’s Army TV series, in particular the characters Lance-Corporal Jack Jones (inset left) and Commander Chuck Mainwaring (inset right).

Umm, Mainwaring was in the Navy?

And Chuck? It might be just about allowable to say the commander, Mainwaring, but Commander?

It’s the weekend so I guess the teenagers are doing the subbing.

5 thoughts on “Another Oh Dear at the Daily Mail”

  1. Daily Mail even has a soldier in 101 Airborne with a “recreation grenade”.

    I guess to play with back in barracks when not charging Jerry machine-gun nests.

  2. DM is slipping, they don’t have any comment about Nazi uniforms. Usually they make a big fuss about Swastikas at the other 1940s festivals like Saddleworth. They try to whip up a controversy, but their readers keep ignoring them and tell them to get a life.

    Proper link to story –

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    I dread to think what a ” loved series big screen treatment” is going to consist of in the caring sharing C21st. Fuzzy-wuzzies won’t be in script, for a start.
    David Croft, Jimmy Perry & most of the original cast had a wealth of experience on the boards behind them & understood things like timing. The series may have been made-for-TV but they played as if they were a stage show.
    And every gag was an an old one. That was intentional. Why you were laughing before you got to the laugh line. You knew what was coming. Heaven knows what writers accustomed to “edgy”, right-on contemporary comedy’ll achieve.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    bloke (not) in spain – “Heaven knows what writers accustomed to “edgy”, right-on contemporary comedy’ll achieve.”

    Want to bet they will have a token radical feminist and there will be a fuzzy wuzzy – he will be second in command.

    If they need a Black person for Robin Hood, they will need one for this re-make.

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