But you can’t do that and remain in the EU

David Cameron will unveil tough plans to restrict immigration from the European Union within weeks to stop another Ukip MP being elected following Thursday night’s by-election.

Look, whatever you think about immigration it’s just not possible to limit intra-EU immigration and remain within the EU. The only possible positions are, we’ll leave and we can limit it if that’s what we want to do, or we’re in and we can’t limit it.

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  1. Is that right though? I thought the EU promised free movement of labour, which need not be the same as the free movement of people.
    I reckon if you said to brits that we would henceforth stop all benefits tourists and NHS tourism you would lance the boil for maybe half the people who currently identify as anti-EU.

  2. Gary, I think you’re right. Other EU countries restrict benefits to those who have paid into the system.
    For consistency, however, we’d have to deny benefits to the NEETs, who haven’t paid in either. That’s a hard issue.

  3. I think peoples expectations have gone well beyond any promises of tinkering with treaties. Its the low level of constant interference in their lives and the feeling of being herded towards a future they or the politicians they elect have no say in controlling or stopping. Brexit is all there is.

  4. Gary is right. You do have to be able to support yourself to move from one EU country to another. It’s not checked in most places because that isn’t possible, instead they wait for people to start claiming. If they claim not having paid into the system, it’s the job of the place they came from to pay (at least part of) the benefits. My understanding is the UK doesn’t even ask forrin benefit offices to contribute to costs.

    If they claim having paid into the system, then that’s fine. Isn’t it. You pay in, according to the local laws, you get the benefits, according to the local laws. After all, the same goes for Brits in forrin.

    Right, I’m off to the citizenship office before UKIP takes away my rights.

  5. BiF, I’m saying something slightly different. It doesn’t matter what we do with NEETs, It is simply that we are obliged to offer unrestricted entry to labour i.e. people with jobs. Non-labour i.e. people with no jobs, do not seem to have similar rights.

    We could therefore insist on implementing EU rules as described – no entry for people who do not have jobs. No re-wording required, no agreement required and no change to treatment of NEETs. Just a literal interpretation of ‘free movement of labour’.

  6. “Revealing plans to” is meaningless. Ronnie Corbett could reveal plans to become World MMA/Cage Fighting champ–that doesn’t mean said plans have much chance of coming to fruition. Camoron is just a modern day Windbag the Sailor.*

    *Apologies to the late Will Hay. Unlike Camoron who is utterly worthless Will Hay was not only a fine comic but a talented amateur astronomer.

  7. Wasn’t the Maastricht treaty legally null and void after Denmark voted No in 1992? Wasn’t the Lisbon treaty legally dead after the Irish voted no in 2008? Weren’t the eurozone members supposed to keep to 3% budget deficits by law?

    The Law means nothing to the EU, its just what it says it is at any point in time. If it suits them to have the UK stay in the EU and they have give up freedom of movement to achieve that then they would. Principles don’t come anywhere near it. Realpolitik is all.

  8. Earlier this year Switzerland voted to limit immigration.
    The EU went apeshit and cancelled student exchanges, threatened to suspend scientific collaboration, bilateral trade and banking agreements, etc
    All this and Switzerland is not even in the EU.

  9. whatever you think about immigration it’s just not possible to limit intra-EU immigration and remain within the EU.

    Whatever I think about immigration, this is just not true. We already have considerable restrictions on intra-EU immigration.

    Roughly speaking, the rules say that an EU migrant can stay here for three months. Beyond that they have to be in work, about to be in work, or demonstrably not a burden on the state.

    Benefit tourism is largely a fiction. To get most benefits you have to pass the “habitual residence test”, which tourists do not (this is EU law) The UK has an additional “right to reside” test for “social benefits” such as child benefit, which is the subject of a long-running legal dispute with the EU.

    The real issue is EU migrants coming over here and taking jobs which might otherwise have been done by the natives. That’s what the EU won’t let us restrict.

    So we have the strange spectacle of a free-market libertarian arguing for state interference to stop a job being done by the most able candidate.

    How long can UKIP survive as an alliance of right-libertarians and BNP-light protectionists?

  10. Who knows. You support and defend a creed that has murdered 200 million and your gang is still here and spouting the same old sanctimonious bullshit.

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