I think this is something we get to decide, isn’t it?

The Argentine ambassador to the UK has described Jeremy Clarkson as “an embarrassment to the British people”, criticising him for his “provocative” behaviour while in her country.

His behaviour may have been provocative, may not have been. But I do think it’s up to us to decide whether we’re embarrassed by him or not. Rather than, say, a bunch of Italians who speak Spanish and merely think they’re English.

3 thoughts on “I think this is something we get to decide, isn’t it?”

  1. Jeremy Clarkson makes his living out of being provocative.

    And “an embarrassment to the British” bien pensant.

    But he’s a popular entertainer.

    Of course, the Ms Castro regularly engages in embarrassing and provocative behaviour. Possibly, also, because that is her job.

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