Is this why we sent all the convicts over?

A primary school teacher who tried to have sex with one of her students got the boy’s name tattooed onto her chest, a court has been told.

Diane Brimble, 47, of Hamilton in Victoria’s south-west, tried to have sex with the 10-year-old boy but he rejected her advances, the Victorian County Court heard.

Or is
it just that there’s weird people everywhere?

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  1. The late Sir Jack Brabham, when he first came to this country, was worried about his reception, coming as he did from “the land of the convicts”. A fellow Australian set him right:

    “Don’t worry about it, Jack, this is where the fuckers came from.”

  2. She is a “rare” example of that phenomena that, according to the feministas, does not exist. The female paedo. It will be interesting to see what, if convicted, her sentence will be and contrast it with the sentence a male teacher trying to get off with a ten year old girl would receive.

  3. @Mr Ecks

    ” Brimble has been assessed for a community corrections order..”
    I’m surprised the boy hasn’t been charged with Domestic Abuse as he clearly withheld affection.

  4. This is really cool news for a lot of men. There are so many examples of Fem teachers doing very young boys it must be true, size doesn’t matter.

  5. Morals don’t apply to female teachers do they? They are de facto victims as well as righteous. Maybe an increase in male teachers might solve female lust.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    Jonathan – “I’m surprised the boy hasn’t been charged with Domestic Abuse as he clearly withheld affection.”

    He is lucky she did not get pregnant. Or he would be paying Child Support for the next 18 years.

  7. Wow, so few comments and yet so much unfounded misogyny based on speculation and conjecture.

    I am quick frankly amazed how good an internet connection that you neanderthals can get in your caves.

    Anyone have any facts, papers, studies that back up your statements that women abusers of children get lighter sentences for the same offences?

    I am sure if it was your 10 year old that was in this child’s position, you would be thrilled at the with-holding affection and pregnancy quips.

    Oh and one thing modern day feminists are vehemently against is the over sexualisation of age-inappropriate children. If you are going to make up fake sh1t about a group of people, at least get the name right.

  8. “Anyone have any facts, papers, studies that back up your statements that women abusers of children get lighter sentences for the same offences? ”


    Male teacher grooms female students via facebook (no physical contact at all), gets 2.5 years in jail:

    Female teacher has physical sexual contact with female student 4 times over extended period, gets 15 months:

    Both recent cases, in the UK, so comparable for law and sentencing guidelines. Note the difference between the attitude towards the accused – the female teacher is described as ‘a gifted and well loved teacher’ who had shown ‘grave concern’ about the effect on the victim, whereas the male teacher was ‘motivated by desire for sexual gratification’ and had ‘forced victims to relive their suffering in court’.

    The pussy pass is alive and thriving in the UK, and if you opened your mind a little, instead of spouting boilerplate PC bollocks, you might learn something.

  9. Two cases?

    Your misogyny and hatred of women is based on 2 cases.

    I bet my back teeth that your attitude is a lot more personal than that.

    You use expressions like “pussy pass” and tell me I need to open my mind? I pity you sincerely.

  10. “Your misogyny and hatred of women is based on 2 cases.”

    I have no hatred of women at all, I just want them to be held to the same standards that men are. Those may be two examples, they were the first ones that came up on google, as they are very recent. There are plenty more:

    Male PE teacher has sex with two pupils, gets 4 years:

    Female teacher sleeps with pupil, gets suspended sentence:

    Male teacher sleeps with 2 pupils, get 8 years:

    Male teacher sleeps with one pupil, gets 5 years:

    Female teacher sleeps with pupil, gets 32 months:

    Male teacher assaults one girl, encourages other teenagers to have sex, gets 3 years:

    Female teacher sleeps with pupil, gets suspended sentence:

    Beginning to see a theme here? Or just misogyny as usual?

  11. Oh, and here’s a good one from the BBC today no less:

    Female teacher sends unrequested topless picture of herself to one of her former pupils, who is still under 18, doesn’t get arrested, and gets banned for 5 years from teaching:

    As the article mentions helpfully, in 5 years she can reapply to start teaching again.

    What do you think would happen to a male teacher who sent unrequested pictures of his genitalia to a female under 18 former pupil?

  12. Meh? Narrow minded? Thats all you can come up with? Ignore the evidence and make a personal attack?

    I suppose its rather hard when your view of how the world is comes up against some hard evidence to the contrary. The only narrow minded person here is you, as you are steadfastly refusing to open your eyes and consider the possibility that your view of women as the downtrodden gender is wrong, in this area at least.

  13. Incidentally, what do YOU think should happen to a 40 something male teacher who sends an unrequested picture (lets say not of his bits, but stripped to his Y fronts, which is perhaps more comparable with a boob shot) to a 17 yo female former pupil of his? And bombards her with texts and facebook messages? What is the suitable course of action for the authorities to take in such a case?

  14. Please (and I am typing this slowly using small words so you can follow) show me where I said women were downtrodden.

    Please, please show me how three wildly dissimilar cases make a pattern of a “puddy pass” (your vile expression, not mine)

    Please tell me about why you are so bitter towards women in your attitude and words. Mysoganists are not born, they are made. What made you one?

  15. Oh, and here’s the details of 50 cases in the US involving female teachers having sex with their pupils, if you bother to look through all of them, a lot never go to jail, getting suspended sentences or community service, some get a month or two. Only very unusually do any get jailed for any length of time. One is doing life, but thats because she got her teenage lover to shoot her husband…………….

  16. Ah, the typical feminist attitude. Ignore the argument, demean the man arguing it. You asked for hard evidence that women get softer sentences for sexual assualts/statutory rapes of pupils, I showed it, you ignored it, and have so far called me narrow minded, stupid, and a misogynist.

    And there aren’t three cases, one of my posts is awaiting moderation (due to the number of links in it) where there are multiple cases showing men getting years of jail time, and women getting suspended sentences or lesser jail sentences. Ten minutes of googling on your behalf, if you want to see the actual evidence for yourself would bring up countless cases, the vast majority of which show the female perpetrators get lower sentences than male ones for identical crimes. But you don’t want to see that so you won’t.

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