MP chosen by open primary says open primaries produce better MPs

Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?

Why open primaries make for better MPs
Open primaries get the public involved in politics – and produce better MPs, says Dr Sarah Wollaston

The problem with this statement is of course that it’s being made by Sarah Bloody Wollaston.

3 thoughts on “MP chosen by open primary says open primaries produce better MPs”

  1. Not sure what the problem is here, Tim. Yes, yes, qui bono and all that, but some things are actually good even when the people who benefit from them tell us they’re good.

    Dan Hannan’s a big supporter of open primaries, and I don’t think he’s benefited from one yet.

  2. There are certainly problems with the Conservative’s current process, but it’s also a problem of the open primary process that it produced a candidate who shows no sign yet of actually being in any way Conservative.

  3. The problem with Open Primaries is that they can be “gamed” by the enemy party so that in a Tory/Labour/UKIP marginal all the Labour and UKIP supporters would vote for a UKIP member to become the Tory candidate and all the Tory voters would vote for a BNP member to become the UKIP candidate. The open Labour Primary – are you joking?

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