No they haven’t

EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030

They’ve agreed on a target to do so. Something rather different.

3 thoughts on “No they haven’t”

  1. If anyone sets a target that’s more than 5 years away, they might as well be promising unicorns for all. It’s depressing how journalists talk about things like the 2050 commitment to de-carbonise like it’s a real thing.

  2. Re: Stig – the issue with the decarbonisation target is that any attempt to achieve it will be bloody eye wateringly expensive and utterly ineffectual. Worse still, it gives politicians a platform to pontificate.

  3. What happened to that thing about parliament not binding future governments? I know the future government can just repeal whatever law they seek to enact the target with, but why should they have to?

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