Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom will unite for the political documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes, billed as an exposé of the social inequities which led to the financial crisis.

Winterbottom will direct a film that is expected to combine comedy, archive footage and interviews to show how “the people at the bottom are paying for the luxuries of those at the top”, according to backers StudioCanal. Brand will take the role of presenter-spectator, examining the crisis at financial centres in cities such as London and New York.

I suppose
it’ll be Johan Hari writing the script…..

18 thoughts on “Oh joy”

  1. These things are more dangerous than they seem. Brand will bring viewers and they will be fed a diet of populist crap but IT WILL ENTER THE MAINSTREAM.

    In Spain we have Podemos (We can) a new marxist (but doesn’t flaunt the title) party led by a university lecturer in communication who is taking marvellous advantage of all the discontent over the political corruption scandals we have to grow to the point that they are overtaking the PSOE (Spanish labour party) in the polls. Their leaders have been advisors to Chavez in Venezuela.

    They say things that even I agree with (regarding corruption), but the same time they also say things like ‘once we are in power we willl have to close the media that are critical with the government!!!!!!’ Openly. But people do NOT hear this. It simply is not registering. Their economics are truly third world distributive ‘eat the rich’ but that is what sells right now.

    It is a dangerous narrative which mainstream parties are not equipped to fight against. They, the parties, are legacy but this populist tripe is the new paradigm and it sells.

  2. “the people at the bottom are paying for the luxuries of those at the top”

    Like Michael Winterbottom, who does work for the BBC, which is funded by a regressive tax on the poor?

  3. “a new marxist.. party led by a university lecturer in communication”

    Shocking. Everyone knows that marxist parties are led by lecturers in sociology.

    Still, I guess we must take into account local custom, maybe thats just the way the do things in Spain.

  4. I saw this the other day and spent the next five minutes guffawing. It has the potential to be as funny as that Gore comedy – the something truth.

    Who cares if people believe it – they’ll believe any load of self-serving crap and there’ll be another one coming along soon.

    Most people can not think and live a life of slightly angsty victimhood. It’s much better they are kept numb with stupid rather than try to create their own.

  5. I would not want to deprive Hari an opportunity to find what his true calling is. This time it seems he wants to try his hand at comedy. Maybe he will get it right, maybe he won’t.

    Pity about Brand getting in on this though, he has some talent as an entertainer, but lately his attempts at provocation has been trite. Previously they had a cringe quality by “tries too hard to be cool” which I at times enjoyed. Let’s hope it does not tarnish his career too much.

  6. My God what right has this Brand character to pontificate on questions of Political Economy which, as we know, are only understood by experts? Tim ” I used to support LVT “Worstall understands perfectly:
    “No banks don’t create money” 14 July 2012
    “The short explanation is that banks do indeed just create money” 19 Mar 2014

  7. DBC Reed: Does it need experts to pontificate about the millions murdered by socialism also?. Or, like all your leftist pals, do you prefer the silent type of expert on those topics?

    Motes/beams etc.

  8. Somehow I have a feeling the “people at the top” don’t include the Brussels Class civil servants and politicians (or those in Westminster/Washington/etc,)

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