Questions in the Daily Mail that we can answer

Why is this coat just £89 in one catalogue but £115 in another?

The same coat is £115 from Freemans but just £89 from Kaleidoscope
The French Connection Abney dress, costs £85 on the brand’s website
It’s the same price at
But if you buy the dress at K&Co or Littlewoods, it will cost you £108
A Joanna Hope sequin and lace maxi dress is £95 at
But it’s only £99 at

Because we have a market economy.

8 thoughts on “Questions in the Daily Mail that we can answer”

  1. F*ck me, what do journalists do for their salary nowadays? 5 mins of looking on Littlewoods site tells me that they offer 0% interest free credit on this dress at £108. So you can pay £2/week for a year and have it for the same price as cash. So the difference between the cash price elsewhere and Littlewoods price is the cost of the ‘free’ credit. As Littlewoods customers probably don’t pay cash (why would they when they can save £20 by buying elsewhere for the same item?) this method is obviously pretty popular, as Littlewoods haven’t gone bust yet. Do the people writing this sort of sh*t not realise that Littlewoods is less of a catalogue and more of a credit provider? And that credit has a cost above the actual goods purchased?

  2. I keep telling DM-hating leftists that the DM is just a downmarket version of The Guardian, but they really don’t like hearing that.

    But even for them this is a new low. Different shops have different prices. Who knew?

  3. Whatever happened to those soviet sequin-laced maxi-dresses that were issued free to all soviet women?. And the famous Chairman Mao Abney dress issued free to all chicom women to wear with their “I survived the Great Leap Forward” T-shirt/Tank top.

    1989 has a lot to answer for.

  4. This fucking woman whines about how tight money is, then bought a “posh dress” for her daughter to go to a party and couldn’t be bothered to make even the most perfunctory search to find it cheaper elsewhere.

    Suggests that money isn’t quite as tight as she makes out.

    You bought a luxury item voluntarily. You were therefore, by implication, happy with the price. Later finding it cheaper elsewhere is to the seller’s fault but yours.

  5. Littlewoods also has printing and postal costs of its catalogue and mailings included in item prices.
    Plus all its other costs.

    Exactly the same as any other business really, including a newspaper!

  6. I was outraged to discover that the bullshit available here for free:

    Is also being sold in Smiths for 70p (or something).

    Sometimes they’re stupid, sometimes they’re kind of trolling, I don’t know which applies here.

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