Ritchie claims victory!

Why the satisfaction? Because time and again after the Amazon story was first exposed it was said that Amazon had done nothing wrong, Margaret Hodge was wrong to pursue Amazon, the arrangements it had were all entirely legal, it was inappropriate to claim from its accounts that there was any evidence of tax avoidance and on, and on, and on.

Well it now looks like those apologists may be wrong and that those, who like me, pursued this issue from the outset were justified in doing so, as has also been the case with Apple and Starbucks.

Except absolutely none of the things that Ritchie alleged are what the EU is actually complaining about. So it’s a little difficult to be claiming vindication.

With Amazon for example, he’s been claiming large profits being made in the UK which should have been taxed in the UK. The Commission is saying absolutely nothing about that at all. This is about whether the Luxembourg unit was paying the right amount of tax to Luxembourg. That is, they’ve already implicitly agreed that what Ritchie was complaining about wasn’t a problem at all.

7 thoughts on “Ritchie claims victory!”

  1. Ironman is right. He can claim what he likes and the only ones allowed onto the hallowed turf of his blog are those that agree with him.

  2. I can see it now – Murphy en famille having a celebratory “stamp out tax avoidance” evening outing for Mallard and the Flying Scotsman running round the model railway in the Downham Market home office that serves a dual purpose and therefore isn’t avoidance of tax.

  3. Tim

    Is it time to stop giving him the oxygen of publicity, and merely to allow his followers to indulge their adulation on his turf? You can point out his errors until you are blue in the face and shaking your head in despair at his stupidity, but it makes no difference. Like some Soviet admirer in the Stalin era, he stumbles blindly on, oblivious to the obvious ruination his policies cause, wholly ignorant of history and averse to correction of any kind. I’d argue it’s time to render him irrelevant to the debate, and move on……

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