‘Smart dog…trained the human in 5 secs…’

During the video, the young man holding the camera explains: ‘ The dog keeps throwing his toy over the fence’ meaning he then feels obligated to throw it back into the garden.

The man says, ‘This dog keeps throwing his toy over the fence like this so I’ll pick it up and throw it over. Good to leave right, gonna go home?’

Moments later the dog retrieves the ball and drops it over the fence and the man states, ‘No, drops it again.’

2 thoughts on “‘Smart dog…trained the human in 5 secs…’”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Ian Hills – “The only surprise is that the Mail didn’t squeeze in something about house prices, like will they fall in dog trick areas or rise.”

    Actually for the full trifecta, the Daily Mail needs to interview the girlfriend of the owner and have her talk not just about the impact on housing prices, but the threat of Romanian illegals roasting the dog over a camp fire in some local park, while bemoaning the fact that her busy work schedule means she has had to put off having children and she feels very guilty about that – but in a positive, empowered sort of way.

    It is amazing they haven’t given me a job innit?

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