The Telegraph’s picture to accompany an article about the loonier policies of the Lib Dems.

12 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Pah, I don’t care what anyone says – wearing socks with sandals is more comfortable than wearing sandals only. I remember spending a long hot day walking round the tourist sights of Rome with a group of friends, and getting a lot of stick from them about how uncool and British I looked with ankle socks under my sandals. At the end of the day they were all moaning and groaning about their blisters and how the dirt from the streets had got into their blisters and asking me to fetch them things because I was the only one who was not hobbling around in agony.

  2. Natalie Solent. if your friends had blisters they were wearing ill-fitting sandals, a common mistake. Do you wear braces with knickers? 🙂

  3. The Lib Dems voted to end absolute world poverty by 2030. So that’s that problem sorted then.

    To take a pessimistic approach though, how are their three MPs going to achieve this?

  4. “how are their three MPs going to achieve this?”

    Easy. Wait until it achieves itself, which on current trends it may well do by 2030, then say “If we had not stood up to the evil neoliberals, absolute world poverty would still be with us today”

  5. Nat Sol’s right: sandals plus socks is a comfortable combo.

    (We even had a LibDem deliver a leaflet to our house on a Christmas Day , and he evidently agreed with me.)

  6. I am, despite the opposition of my cool family, totally with Natalie on this one. I have bought ultra thin flesh coloured socks to mitigate the uncoolness. Even on the hottest days cotton socks with sandals guarantee fresh feet and comfort. And here the entire population agree with you lot. ‘Ooh look an uncool guiri!’

    It’s tougher than you can imagine.

    Oh and I have a friend, extremely-fit 60 year old mountaineer and potholer, doctor, expert in anesthesia and trauma, poisons, insects and snakes, formerly head of the national pothole rescue team, the sort of guy who is having dinner with you when a call comes in and you have to run him to the airport where he disappears for 4 days at a time.

    Eat your hearts out, this guy wears socks with sandals!

    No, I don’t wear belt and braces (and my underwear has elasticated waist band).

  7. Test for when it’s appropriate to wear sandals:

    1) Are you a woman?
    2) Are you a small child at the beach?
    3) Are you an ancient Grecian, Roman, Japanee or some kind of monk?

    If your answer to any or all of the above is “yes” then you may wear sandals. Otherwise you are liable to be mistaken for a yoghurt-weaving Lib Dem.

    Which is totally unfair. There’s a Lib Dem in my office who doesn’t wear sandals. (I know he’s a Lib Dem from his hobbity appearance, squirrelly personality, impressive crop of nostril hair, and Lib Dem badge he insists on wearing to work).

    Instead, he wears bright green Crocs. Because sandals are old school and slightly ambiguous in the twattish stakes – how is the casual observer to know you’re not a Trappist? In the 21st century, if you really want to leave people in do doubt that you’re a twat, it’s got to be Crocs.

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