So who is in London afternoon of Sat 18th?

I’m doing a turn at the Battle of Ideas at the Barbican on Sat morning. And there’s a drinkies for the paying punters to meet us stage wafflers in the evening. Which leaves an afternoon in London to do something. My rough plan is a greasy spoon for a full English around lunchtime, followed by a wander over to the Tower, to see that poppy installation.

I rather like walking around London (especially The City on weekends actually) so it’ll all be a pied. Light showers won’t interrupt this plan although pissing down obviously will. In the absence of another treat in the area (say, a good “bad book” second hand shop say) maybe a couple of late arvo pints and then off to brush up for the evening.

Nothing too exciting as befits one as rich in maturity as I.

Question is, anyone else around for such a little outing?

24 thoughts on “So who is in London afternoon of Sat 18th?”

  1. Shame I have a prior engagement, and it’s none too cheap to travel at this notice. I love London, love fry ups, and always thought the Living Marxism crowd were my kind of leftist.

  2. Sorry, I’m at the Occupy Downham Market protest.

    Actually, I’ve got a meal booked in Mnachester, which is a pity because Battle of Ideas sounds like my thing.

  3. Why not get on the Circle Line after brunch (or take a couple of bacon butties and a coffee to eat on the tube instead of going to a caff) and just go round and round. Great way of people watching. Many people virtually live on the Circle Line.

  4. @BraveFart, because you can’t go round and round on the circle line any more, it terminates at Hammersmith and ?Paddington. It’d be more accurately named the “turn and a quarter line”.

  5. Pretty sure that the Wetherspons besides Trinity Gardens will do an all day breakfast and plenty of ale. Happy to join you.

  6. BIG

    “because you can’t go round and round on the circle line any more”

    Fvck me sideways with a fvcking barge pole – the fvckers! Is nothing sacred anymore? Just as well you told me that, next time in London I’d have been bound to have gone on automatic pilot and ended up beyond where I wanted to be

  7. There’s little I miss about the land of UK, or the land of Oz, either. I do miss a pint or several, and bacon sandwiches.

    Be careful Tim. If “They” get on to you, having pleasure annat will be banned.

  8. There’s hundreds of them. Dunno who anyone else is at all. They offered to pay my flight and hotel which is enough for me: allows me to slip in a visit to hte parentals at the same time.

  9. If you’re that close to Smithfields and you go to a feckin Wetherspoons for breakfast, you must be a bunch of masochists. Try the Smithfield Cafe in Long Lane, just by Rising Sun Court.

  10. @ Clarissa-probably my mistake; yes Trinity square, Tower Hill, or at least you will not find me Brixton way any time soon.

  11. If the TUC are here, does that mean Ritchie will be in town? Maybe we could organise a debate. But then again…

  12. @Sam; Undoubtedly, Richie will be pre-occupied supping champers with his union masters, otherwise I have no doubt he would have jumped at the opportunity to sit down, have a beer and discuss matters, after all, is that not his modus operandi; open debate; all views taken and welcomed?

  13. There’s a whole bunch of disingenuity and willful ignorance here about comments policies.

    Surely an honest disclosure to say that if the comment is contrary to the hosts’ policy it will be overlooked, is better than say, regular posters on this site who respond to a contrary commentator by verbally abusing them and so they decline to enter any further debate due to your twat-spuffs?

    Note that the stifling of debate on this site is not a function of worstall’s words, he’s far too lazy for that, but that there is a clique who claim, and relentlessy claim, to opine on his behalf.

    worstall may be fine with that, but worstall as an online presence is the sum of the comments.

    And the derivation of all those years of comments is a very narrowly-focussed “you twat” to Murphy, closely followed by a range of insults to women.

    It’s hardly fucking clever.

    Twats, you.

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