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The filthy capitalist bastard that is Russell Brand

Called Brand, it is co-produced by Mayfair Film Partnership, of which he is a director. Shares in the firm worth £973,000 were sold to 21 outside investors, including an executive with bank giant JPMorgan Chase.

The largest stake went to Sunderland defender Wes Brown.

The shares were bought under the Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme, which provides tax incentives for people to invest in risky new businesses.

Tee hee.

18 thoughts on “The filthy capitalist bastard that is Russell Brand”

  1. Hodge does it.

    The Big Dick does it.

    Barmy Brandy does it.

    These folk all know the true meaning of self-sacrifice…

  2. Why am I reminded of Roseanne Barr addressing a 1% rally saying no one should ever have more than $100m.

    On an unrelated note, Roseanne Barr’s estimated personal wealth is $100m.

  3. That is an appalling libel. As a Sunderland supporter I can assure you it is outrageous to accuse Wes Brown of being a defender.

  4. Fucking hell. I’ve never visited the daft cunt’s twitter feed before now, but I’m going to sign up.

    Take this one, which contains so many errors and myths and non sequiturs that it’s hard to know where to begin. Plus I can’t be arsed.

    But I will just point out the mild irony in a person with more than 8 million twitter followers using free-of-charge YouTube to complain that all the power to disseminate information is in the hands of ‘the corporations’.

  5. Funny thing about that anti-1% movement is that to be in the top 1% world-wide you only need income of c£35k a year.

    So which 1% are the protestors angry about?

  6. I’m still of the opinion that Brand is in the beginning stages of a massive mid-life crisis and will get considerably nuttier before/if he calms down. He’s already on-board with the 911 conspiracy nuts, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he starts going apeshit about the Israelis.

    And from there it’s only the slightest of steps to full-on Alex Jones/David Icke, NWO, chemtrails, lizard-people crankdom.

  7. It did occur to me that Russell Brand was a plant to discredit the Left. But I don’t think anyone on the right would have thought the Left would be so stupid as to embrace a multimillionaire playboy spouting a few lefty platitudes all the while hypocritically enjoying to the full the fruits of the capitalist system.

    I think the only explanation is that the Left really are that stupid, or desperate.

  8. @Andrew – inevitably almost all the 99 v 1 protesting types will be, if not in the top 1% globally, certainly the top 3%. The movement is all about people who already have quite a lot of shiny things complaining that a small number of other people have tons of really shiny things.

    Your actual poor person has more to worry about and many of them, as Tim has pointed out often, are very much better off than they were a decade or two ago due to globalisation, capitalism, free markets and similar moral evils…

    What pisses me off about the whole thing is that we get a ton of moaning about inequality and ridiculous economy-fucking suggestions about how to deal with it (ban profit etc) instead of focusing on real actual poverty.

  9. Do not judge too harshly – I think some of the blood that is normally used for male brain function is, in the case of Brand, diverted to his trouser snake.

  10. Jim,

    It is desperation

    I know a lot of Marxist’s and socialists personally, while many of them have blind spots, particularly on the actual lived micro-economics of the world and are prone to moaning about everything and anything, they are stupid. Some are limited in their capacities, many arent and just suffer from different political premises.

    Either way, I don’t think they are on the whole stupid, they may hold stupid positions (don’t we or at least haven’t we all at one time) but they usually are political geeks and know a lot more political history and knowledge of ideas than the average member of the population and Brand.

    Yet the people who I see most sincerely cheering on his idiocy and simple pronouncements are the hardened marxists. No matter whether you think they are right, wrong or a little bit silly to think the things they do, I know they are above Brand, his ideas and expression. Yet because the Far Left is irrelevant and exists as a sub-culture of passive ineptitude, they are latching on to Brand because he is famous and that is all there is to it.

    From what I can tell the normal people I know aren’t paying any attention, its the usual suspects (The Left) and those educated ‘liberal’ types who overestimate their knowledge and understanding of the world and think Brand is a ‘highly intelligent man’ indicating they themselves do not know or have ever met any highly intelligent people themselves and are impressed by this sub-hack comedian.

  11. I would love to do a tax audit of that twats movies.

    He is in about 20 films, and aside form the taxes avoided through notorious Hollywood accounting, a breakdown of the tax payer subsidies received to produce them.

    I mean it is not as though we are talking anything that has added to the list of greatest stories ever told.

  12. @RobHarrris, I can agree with you about Socialists and Marxists being stupid. That’s why I use the hashtag #LeftiesAreStupid on Twatter. And I use the similar one #GreeniesAreStupid as Greenies are just Marxists hiding behind a different political colour.

  13. @myburningears

    Suggests $50k p.a. income or $500k assets puts you in the top 1% for that category. I’m not sure if that’s net assets though. I think anyone living in an expensive house would be ASSUMED wealthy even if they were mortgaged to the hilt.

  14. > I think anyone living in an expensive house would be ASSUMED wealthy even if they were mortgaged to the hilt.

    Yes, because the anti-one-percenters don’t even have any idea whether they’re campaigning against the top 1% by income or by wealth, which are completely different.

    Anyway, it’s pointless to do the related maths, as that rests on the assumption that “1%” refers to some sort of proportion of the population — one in a hundred, say. It doesn’t. It’s just a great marketing term for “Those bastards in their top hats, quaffing champagne and smoking cigars in their private jets, who are to blame for everything wrong in MY LIFE.”

    The reason Brand’s so popular politically is a lack of decent competition. Had anyone been stupid enough to stage a debate between Churchill and George Formby, it’s pretty clear who would have come across as the one who understood politics. Can anyone name a current MP who can consistently and reliably wipe the floor with someone like Brand? Ha!

    (Apologies if that last point is me repeating myself. I know I said it somewhere the other day, but don’t know whether it was here.)

  15. So Much for Subtlety

    Dan – “And from there it’s only the slightest of steps to full-on Alex Jones/David Icke, NWO, chemtrails, lizard-people crankdom.”

    He is already giving a platform to Lawrence Easeman who is apparently a little bit of a Nazi. But has Views on banks (which I would guess feature the word “Zionist” quite a lot) and fracking.

    Peter Tatchell withdrew from an event recently because Brand was giving Easeman time on stage.

  16. “Can anyone name a current MP who can consistently and reliably wipe the floor with someone like Brand?”

    Steve Baker? John Redwood?

    The trouble is that Brand would just shout “evil Tory! Boo!” and his fans would whoop and holler. Facts and logic won’t have any effect on them.

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