This is really pretty weird about the hereditaries

Innumeracy not being, any more than illiteracy, delinquency, ignorance or a criminal record, any barrier to lifetime membership of the House of Lords, hereditary and otherwise, Harlech’s experience in both field and dock may yet give him an edge over rivals whose statements, although written expertly to length, shun any conventional attempt to impress.

Remind me what the necessary qualifications to stand for the Commons are.

6 thoughts on “This is really pretty weird about the hereditaries”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Oikophobia. The middle class being snobbish about anyone else. By what possible logic do they claim that the poorly educated – overwhelmingly poor – should be excluded from politics?

    I think Lord Harlech sounds an entirely decent sort of chap. We need more of the likes of him and fewer of the likes of Baroness Warsi.

  2. If Daddy was the leader of party and a member of the House of Lords (qualification for which is apparently not strict enough) then you’re qualified as an MP. And also qualified to condemn the absence of required qualifications for the House of Lords.

    Great work if you can get it.

  3. And if mummy is the wife of a tax – avoiding former PM who likes to pretend periodically that she is working class Scouse (though those who remember her remember an insufferable snob) then you are qualified to slip into a safe Northern Labour seat.

  4. Her ex-husband did not even get nominated. Sour grapes? Failure to disclose an interest? Forgotten journalistic ethics?
    I am probably wrong on third count: the Grauniad thinks journalistic ethics means refusing to work for Murdoch – ‘phone hacking by the Mirror does not merit a comment.

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