Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Yes of course the public health people are lying to us again.

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    As in fact the Register pointed out recently:


    We have lost something knowing that so many of our supposed experts are actually lying little toads. We should be able to trust people in positions to trust to be trustworthy. It is a shame we can no longer do so. Too many of them have lied – about obesity, about diet, about alcohol, about the climate. For all I know Thalidomide is perfectly safe.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    I’ve long lost count of the number of people I’ve heard whingeing “But I thought I could trust….”
    When will people get it through their heads? You can trust people when it’s very much in the interests of those your trusting to be trustworthy.
    We have a system where there’s absolutely no penalty for lying. There’s no downside. It’s all the upside of the benefits the lies bring to the liar.
    What do you expect?

    Many years ago I worked on the London Stock Exchange. The motto was “Dictum meum pactum”. My word is my bond. And the SE had various conventions that were observed. To do with trust.
    One of the dealers failed to observe one of those conventions. It was discovered. From that moment he became an invisible man. He could stand on the SE floor but no-one would see him. They acted is if he wasn’t there. He never worked in the market again.


  3. “For all I know Thalidomide is perfectly safe.” Not much chance of their being wrong there. And they were right about smoking fags.

    Howsoever that may be, your point is good. The appalling lies about fat in the diet, and about Global Warming, …. pah! Words fail me. Oh no they don’t: string ’em up!

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    You need a change of culture.
    Under the current one, there’s absolutely no consequences. If one of these people is found to be blatantly lying to you – even if it’s immediately after feeding what ever piece of dreck they’ve fed you – they just smile sweetly & carry on lying. Even if it’s serious enough to actually merit censure they just pass through one of the innumerable revolving doors of the establishment & reappear, to lie elsewhere. Smile intact.

    Ask yourself a question. Are you comfortable with this in your personal lives? If someone abuses your trust, do you just ignore it & trust them again?

  5. @DevonChap

    “Right handed Thalidomide is safe. It is the left handed version that causes birth defects.”

    If the right handed isomer is isolated and only that is taken, the body will convert some of it into the left handed isomer.

  6. This is that awful quango Public Health England again – the 5000 people who pay themselves handsomely to tell us to drink lots of water when it is hot outside. The public sector has become one big gravy train for PR spivs and the media industry in general. Shut down the whole public ‘advise’ industry is my view.

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