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At the ASI:

Monday is sneer at Will Hutton day.

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  1. bloke (not) in spain

    “Europe’s peoples are shaped by its Christian past”

    Never a truer word has Hutton spoke.
    Europe’s got itself an entirely new Papacy. Just like the old one.
    Conclaves to elect its leader
    (sure you lot can add to the list)

    What it’s missing are martyrs. Preferably lots of them. Au Saint Sebastian would be a good model. Maybe updated for assault rifles. Maybe not. Your choice.

  2. ” Europe, whether in energy, banking, transport, security, telephony, climate change, air traffic control or overfishing, has a breathtaking density of interdependencies and inter-relationships. To imagine each one would be better managed by sovereign states bartering a common position with no appeal to common institutions or recognition of common interests and values is to bay for the moon – a denial of reality.”

    Overfishing? Oh yeah, the EU is doing a real bang-up job on fixing that problem.

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    ” a breathtaking density of interdependencies and inter-relationships”
    Air traffic control
    All over the world aircraft are colliding & falling out of the sky due to a lack interdependence & inter-relationship.

  4. Planes from Europe to the US fly over Canada. For God’s sake please form an economic union before they all start falling out of the sky.

  5. If countries cannot organise things between themselves as independent entities, why does he and the rest of the Left insist on stuff like the Kyoto Treaty, or the UN?

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