True dat

UK consumers currently pay about 40% of the entire level of alcohol duty across the whole European Union.

Hang them all.

8 thoughts on “True dat”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    No. Hang yourselves. The governments of the other EU countries would be ecstatic to collect the alcohol taxes HMRC does.. But the citizens of the other EU nations would hang them. And they know it.
    You pay exactly the taxes you consent to. UK. Currently the most craven electorate in the EU.

  2. No, drown them in a butt of malmsey.
    Preferably the same butt each time: wastes less wine and makes each drowning just a little bit more unpleasant than the last.
    Exempt any Heathcott-Amory, because he exempted homebrew.
    Admittedly this has been a problem since before Burns wrote “The De’ils awa’ with the exciseman”, but it has got a lot worse recently.

  3. JB Priestley had a rather good line, along the lines of “first the government drives us to drink, then they increase the alcohol duty”.

  4. One of the few things I actually remember from “Wealth of Nations” is an offhand reference to taxing the poor’s alcohol “for their own good”. I had no idea the bastards had been at it so long.

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