Uh Oh

A Ebola outbreak in America moved closer on Wednesday when a second Dallas nurse tested positive for the disease a day after she took a flight from Ohio to Texas through two international airports.

Yeah, I know, you need to be symptomatic to be infectious. Or, well, sorta, because there’s no firm dividing line between being symptomatic and not, being infectious or not. They are both spectrums.

9 thoughts on “Uh Oh”

  1. Isn’t it quite unusual for a person infected with a virus not to be contagious durng the non symptomatic phase. Often this is when people are most contagious. Not that they’re trying to fight Ebola by ‘narrative’ or anything

  2. President Ebola leaps into action. We must have SWAT teams, he cries. Everywhere. Decisive activity. Lots of it. Now!

  3. The “airborne” thing puzzles me. If bodily fluids spread it then it is a “coughs and sneezes spread diseases” candidate already. Isn’t that how airborne diseases spread anyway?. Or does airborne now mean it has its own air transport laid on?. (Obv it does in the form of jetliners but that isn’t what I mean)

  4. She had a (mild) temperature of about 99.4 and asked the CDC if she should fly. Which said yes, great, go ahead, fly!
    This supports my theory that human history is entirely a succession of bureaucratic cockups.

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    The CDC is being run by a former “Community Activist”. Why does any of this come as a surprise?

    The Obama administration appointed someone to be an Ebola Tsar years ago. Why is no one asking her questions?

    To quote TheOtherMcCain:

    You see, it’s always politics first with this administration. Everything is about polls and perceptions and — given that the Democrat Party just hit a historic low in terms of their popularity rating, three weeks before Election Day — the Competence Test Tag-Team of Ebola and ISIS have inspired . . . Well, DEFCON ONE: “We must look like we know what we’re doing and are busy as hell doing it!”

    We are all screwed I would guess.

  6. If Nigeria can do it, for any European-style country where’s the problem?

    Political correctness, partly. As somebody commented on another blog:

    $10,000 wired to Toronto takes almost a day to consummate given fear of terrorism and money laundering. Try setting up a bank account in the US if you are involved in a “high-risk” business (read: not to the moral liking of the Administration), such as transaction processing, pawn shops, or any business that touches guns, tobacco, or alcohol. All of this in the name of stopping money laundering and terrorism. And then Clapper cannot believe that we are willing to risk the mythical life of a fictional kidnapped child by not giving the government access to all of our personal data. Yet these same people are not willing to restrict the flow of people from Western Africa? Why should I as an American compromise my civil liberties consistently in the name of “terrorism” and have business dealings unduly restricted by Patriot Act, anti-money laundering laws, FATCA and know-your-customer laws, but non-Americans from an a region of the world gripped by a deadly plague are not even restricted from traveling to the US unencumbered?

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