It is short book, with each fallacy generating two to four pages of discussion. Mr Worstall’s humorous style emanates, laughing the way through the dismal science. Also, these fallacies are not exclusively taken from a particular political view. Mr Worstall has written a concise and incisive book: it is pertinent since many of these fallacies drive contemporary policy.

2 thoughts on “Vainglory!”

  1. Agreed. even as an enthusiastic amateur, I found the book easy to understand and great fun. I keep the book by my bedside, and a chapter quickly prepares me for sleep.

  2. Our plesance here is all vain glory,
    This fals world is but transitory,
    The flesh is bruckle, the Feynd is slee:—
    Timor Mortis conturbat me.

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