Another glorious day to be alive

To see such headlines as this:

Brussels burns as more than 100,000 protesters clash with police during march against EU

13 thoughts on “Another glorious day to be alive”

  1. Aye, but they’re not protesting about the parts of the EU that ought to be protested about; they’re protesting about new laws which would require them to work occasionally.

  2. @Tim Newman. Possibly Cameron’s threat to control immigration to the UK benefits system is having some effect.

  3. It seems to me (from casual perusal) that Tim Newman is right – it’s ‘austerity’ they’re complaining about.

    If they were rioting because the EU’s accounts are not public, or because they’ve heard that millions of euro are being paid out to fund non-existent olive groves in Greece (or similar cliche) then I’d be with them.

    This – and that bullshit in London the other day – is all the natural end game when govcernments bring people up to believe that the government can and will always ‘be there for them’.

    When it turns out this is a lie, because the facts of life are not with them, it’s not surprising that people who are semi-educated, terminally juvenile and infused with entitlement decide to start smashing the gaffe up.

    Personally, I’d put 2 Para on the streets, with SLRs for nostalgia (and effect), and start knocking some of these fuckers over. Let them experience an actual police state for a while.

  4. @richard, more interesting was the caption to that picture

    “Armed: A protester stands in front of burning vehicles with a makeshift club to defend himself from police”

  5. “Fighting broke out soon after the end of a largely peaceful march”

    It’s only the Left that can get away with being ‘largely peaceful’.

  6. Mmm, yeah, well.

    They are not protesting about the EU, they are protesting “austerity”. In other words, they believe progress and prosperity can be achieved by endless state borrowing, and they want their share of it.

    I’m not really sure we should celebrate this protest.

  7. Andrew Duffin – it’s got to the point where I’m just glad someone’s smashing some fucking windows and burning a few cars.

    When they leave no way to achieve change peacefully there is only one solution. And real libertarians are too few to achieve anything or maybe too law abiding – I don’t know. But someone has to start something, and this is something, so bring it on.

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