Hasn’t the world changed?

Policeman who was named Mr Gay UK is facing the sack after headbutting a man in the toilets of a nightclub

In my youth I think police used to have lessons in how to successfully nut someone. And entering a beauty contest, let alone a gay one (and at the time of my birth, even gay sex itself was illegal and therefore something a policeman could be fired for) would have been something thought incompatible with being an officer.

Hasn’t the world become a better place?

10 thoughts on “Hasn’t the world changed?”

  1. “Hasn’t the world become a better place?”

    If you mean that policemen & policewomen now have even more ways to bring disgrace upon the office of constable, then yes.

  2. Ironically, a WPC entering a beauty contest would be bringing shame on the constabulary by promoting the objectification of teh wimmins.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Hasn’t the world become a better place?


    Policemen get involved in sordid punch ups in toilets? Even assuming it was not a sexual assignment.

    It is hardly Dixon of Dock Green is it?

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “A UK policewoman capable of credibly entering a beauty contest would be the more remarkable thing.”

    Don’t forget the Miss Traditional Africa Pageant!

  5. The answer is ‘No!’ you must be very naive to believe the world has improved-
    More money but more unpleasant.

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