Lois Lerner’s emails turn up

Including the one that asks “how do I crash this hard drive?”

4 thoughts on “Lois Lerner’s emails turn up”

  1. Every US company I’ve worked for in the past 15 years has had the capability to burn a replacement laptop at the drop of the hat. That’s because business laptops typically last 18 months before being nicked or broken. Having this capability is legally mandated in US government.
    The real story here is that nobody in the US Congress and press has pointed this out.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    So they hid them long enough so they did not influence the mid-terms. Fat lot of good it did them. And they had them long enough to make sure that any really bad ones could be deleted.

    The sheer cynical criminality of the Obama administration is amazing.

  3. I’ll bet no one independents ever gets to see the “raw” tapes, just what was ostensibly extracted from those tapes. It’s a lot harder to do random deletions out of tapes than from hard drives.

    Does surprise me a bit that they actually found anything at all, still think it’s likely that these tapes could accidentally erased suddenly or that they’re found to be corrupted in some way…

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