Oh do fuck off

Keen hunter Miss Constantine shared a picture of ten-year-old Cece proudly clutching a dead duck and with her face smeared with blood to mark her first kill.

The little girl is also shown holding guns and taking part in hunts in a series of photos dating back almost a year and published on her and her mother’s public Instagram profiles. The photographs are accompanied by captions such as ‘First duck’ and ‘No food left after Christmas. Cece off to save the day’.

But Miss Constantine has been condemned by animal rights campaigners, who claimed the pictures call into question her abilities as a mother and branded the decision to let a child hunt ‘depressing’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘dangerous’.

The ability to hunt and forage for food is something that parents have been teaching their children since well before there was actually a human race. In fact, for some millions of years it’s been the primary duty of parents.

So someone teaches their child to hunt and or forage and this calls into question their abilities as a mother?

Puhleeeze, do fuck off.

And shouldn’t we be celebrating the fact that a daughter is being taught to hunt, not just to forage and gather?

29 thoughts on “Oh do fuck off”

  1. “…call into question her abilities as a mother …”

    What a cowardly reparsing of what they really mean, which is that *they* question her *moral instruction* of her child.

    Provided it’s compatible with the law, then as you say, please do fuck off. And then fuck off some more, for encouraging mob law.

  2. Much better if you get your calories via intensively farmed chicken @ Tesco.

    (Blooding is a bit daft though – I’ve not been hunting in a long time but in my experience it was always at the ‘look at me’ end of the hunting/shooting market. But then she is a telly bird so that perhaps explains it.)

  3. I wonder how many instagram photos there are on the web fraturing boys woth guns? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Which have drawn the attention of the vegetables. I wonder why.

  4. JuliaM
    November 10, 2014 at 9:43 am

    “The little girl is also shown holding guns …”

    Properly, too. Good for Miss Constantine!

    No, she’s leaning to far back. She needs to get her weight over a front left foot which would be about a foot in front of the tight. If she fired anything of significance like that she’d end up on her back.

  5. The sentiment was echoed by a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who said: ‘Susannah’s mothering skills have to be called into question, as she’s evidently failed to convey the most basic lesson of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

    Not sure if this is the most basic lesson mothers have to teach their little ones. We’re currently trying to impart less abstract ideas to our toddler, such as “don’t try to pull open the oven door”, “stop trying to eat the cat”, and “for the love of God, stop trying to crawl into the cat’s litter box, that stuff isn’t food!”.

    But, the Golden Rule. Groovy. It means “treat other people as you’d like them to treat you”. It doesn’t apply to animals, because you can’t reasonably expect reciprocity from a furry beastie. It’s one reason why we don’t usually invite chimpanzees round for dinner.

    But to Peta, animals are people too. “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”, they say. Which is obviously untrue, because nobody wants a rat sandwich, and dogs are uninterested in lego.

    Peta is very keen on the idea of animals living wild according to their natures. They’re also dead set against eating meat, and believe the Golden Rule applies to animals.

    Great – where are all the vegan lions?

    Or is every other member of the animal kingdom allowed to eat that which nature intended, except we omnivorous hominids?

    I think Peta should lead by example and invite a streak of Bengal tigers round to their nut and tofu Christmas dinner.

    Sometimes, though, Peta’s crazy vegan animal correctness seems almost wholesome and fun-loving in comparison with other forms of leftwing lunacy.

    Meet Marco Biagi MSP:


    This dapper chap caught my eye recently because he criticised Peta. “Good”, I thought. “Get stuck into those boy-dog equivalenting hypocrites!”

    Alas, no. Mr. Biagi was merely upset that Peta was going to have a pretty girl dressed in lettuce leaves deliver his vegan pizza. Apparently the thought of it gave him the vapours.


    “didn’t realise Peta were into body image misogyny. Won’t now be participating”, he opined on Twatter.

    Perhaps a rat is a pig is a dog is a useless lefty politician. These vegans may not eat meat, but they’re not slow to devour each other.

  6. I love the condescending way that they use Ms. Constantine’s first name- “Tut, tut…. more in sorrow than anger”, etc.

    But you’re right, Tim.*

    Ms. C put the photos out there, so you’d expect the likes of PETA to jump in with their two penn’orth.- fair do’s, they can comment should they wish.

    I agree with you that, all things considered, PETA can in fact not just “fuck off”, but rather “fuck right off”.


  7. Thinly disguised class hatred. If it was a working class kid having just killed a rabbit when taken ferreting for the first time whose pictures were on Facebook etc, don’t think there would be the same moral indignation and condemnation of the parent’s parenting skills.

  8. Rather OT, but as a committed omnivore, watch Prof Brian Cox, I was pondering the other day, alien life, being non-human would be fair-game.

    But of course not all of it would be depending on its intelligence, so how would we decide what was edible and what was not? Would it just be a case of, if it shoots back, then you shouldn’t try and eat it?

    Or would we say all alien life is protected, in which case does that say anything about the choices we make on Earth

  9. @magnusw

    If we ever come into contact with alien life, given the likely disparity in technology and weaponry it’s more likely to be an ethical question for the aliens than us.

    I vote we send a delegation from Peta to explain how humans don’t taste very good.

  10. Along with the sexism (why pick on a little girl?) there’s also sheer laziness. At least the RSPCA pay their own prosecution costs. This lot look like they want to just sick Social Services on the poor woman.

  11. magnus
    The next closest star is about 4 light years away. At the speed of, say, a comet, it would take us around 75,000 years to get there.
    So your hypothetical may not be the most urgent moral question ever posed on this blog.

    Of course, if they started 75,000 years ago in the other direction, you can be sure that they are more tooled up than we are now. I suggest sending PETA into orbit to conduct the initial discussions.

    But not to worry. When they get here they always seem to crash land next to a trailer park in the desert, instead of disembarking at Heathrow or the White House lawn like normal passengers.

  12. Clearly, if the family needs food it would be preferable for them to sit and starve patiently until the State takes some food off someone else and gives it to them.

  13. @MagnusW
    There’s an excellent SciFi story in which the visiting aliens’ screed To Serve Man turns out to be a cookbook.

  14. Dearieyou: UK speak, stalk and shoot; therefore we have a shooting and stalking season.

    The rest of the English speaking world, who, need a remind you, are the majority, hunt in the hunting season.

    Now, do tell me, are you a democrat or not?

  15. are Amerindian and African etc hunter-gatherers subjected to the same kind of journalism and ethical point-scoring?

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Upper middle class people who live in the country teach their daughters (and sons, natch) how to handle shotguns. Lower middle class townies who read the Mail do not. This is inverse snobbery, nothing more.

  17. About the headline story, It really is none of my business but it put in mind and I was taken to reminisce…..quite a long time ago.

    On, the north of the city where I was born – was a local farm nearby. We knew the girls – daughters of the family who ran the farm – and wringing chickens necks, preparing; plucking, butchering and cooking was the job of all the youngsters.

  18. Actually they’ve been rather clever here, wrapping and obscuring their mentalist philosophy inside a far more palatable (to the envious class-hating mob, i.e. Milliband’s 35%) attack.

    Personally though I find the smearing of blood on faces a bit primitive and unnecessary. I doubt she would appreciate me taking a dump on her front drive, though I’d consider that equally primitive behaviour.

    Still, each to their own and all that.

  19. @Edward, aren’t farmers’ daughters there more for plucking and basting than neck-wringing?

    I’ll get me coat.

  20. john malpas asked “was there a father in this?”

    From the fount of all knowledge: “she is now married to Danish entrepreneur and businessman Sten Bertelsen, who launched Death cigarettes”

    Aren’t the Danes rather into shooting? I vaguely remember a story that the National Rifle Association held out against the Germans for longer than their army did.

  21. So Much for Subtlety

    Rob – “Personally though I find the smearing of blood on faces a bit primitive and unnecessary. I doubt she would appreciate me taking a dump on her front drive, though I’d consider that equally primitive behaviour.”

    If the readership of the Daily Mail lives in an inner city in modern London they are probably well acquainted with people taking a dump outside their home.

    As for the blood, well, Mrs Constantine should have told them it was a feminist celebration of her first menstruation. No one would be condemning her then.

  22. @ Richard
    Hitler invaded Denmark in violation of a treaty of non-aggression that he had signed just the previous year and the differential of forces was so great that the German army, with help from the Navy and Luftwaffe, had occupied the country before the Danish government had time to declare war! I think that, at the time, the German armed forces outnumbered the total population of Denmark. The Danish army didn’t have much chance because Denmark never got to declare war and the government surrendered before some army units heard of the invasion. The resistance which started after people realised that Germany had invaded was not just the NRA.

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