Proud to be British

Via Matt L, I’m told that this is entirely real.


Proud to be British I am.

Rule Britannia, never will be slaves etc. Not while we’ve still got a sense of humour… and yes, I am still convinced that the black footie bags of the perfect perisher helped to do for Mosley. Might not be true but I believe it.

14 thoughts on “Proud to be British”

  1. Yeah, a rare flash of humour from the Met, though many officers, it has to be said, are humourless triple A-rated CU next Tuesdays.

  2. Proud to be British? That’s racist. But it’s not racist to be proud to be be Chinese, Muslim or anything else. Which is to treat different races differently, which is racist.

    So…the anti-racists are themselves racist.

    Quad erat demonstrandum.

  3. @Ralph Musgrave: “Proud to be British? That’s racist.”

    It ain’t racist. It’s something that *you* perceive in your head.

    Everything that you say is about you or your perceptions. You never thought about anyone else.

    Thankfully, England and Britain has time for people like you. We nod politely, listen to the words and think about your friends and neighbours.

    We don’t have time for you, Ralph. Explicitly, it might be time for Ralph Musgrave to fuck off.

  4. @ Ralph Musgrave
    The British are not a race so it *can’t* be racist any more than it racist to be anti-American. I, for example, am a multi-racial white British person, with four different racial groups easily identified in my recent ancestry.
    “Proud to be Welsh” could be racist, but “Proud to be British” is, at worst, locationist.

  5. John Miller – Teapot 1 is an actual call sign on Met Radio systems so no one will get in trouble. It is entirely real.

  6. Bloke in Germany in Taiwan

    What sarcasm? It’s quite tedious to see comments like that absolutely everywhere, entirely out of context.

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