So Ebola is all our fault then, eh?

Ebola has broken out in a region that has been torn apart by conflicts in recent decades – this much is true. But the countries are not naturally poor. Neither can their suffering be laid solely at the door of corruption. They are also victims of economic policies pursued by western countries and corporations.

As the People’s Health Movement said recently, the reason for the Ebola epidemic “lies not in the pathology of the disease but in the pathology of our society and the global political and economic architecture.” A few million dollars will not substitute for the wealth they lose each year.


Err, sorry, but these countries are naturally poor. They’re at the same level of poverty that the entire world was at 300 years ago. They’re actually in the natural state of poverty. The vast majority of the people living in peasant destitution with s small class of richer people on top. This is normal.

The oddity, the thing to be explained, is how some parts of the world escaped from this and how other parts are escaping from it.

And here’s he’s just being a fucking twat:

Essentially, Ebola is an unprofitable disease. This won’t change until the stranglehold of big pharma over global medicines is broken, and we begin to fund and control medical research publicly.

It’s the rules about testing drugs that mean it costs $1 billion to bring a drug or vaccine to market. It’s governments themselves that make Ebola an unprofitable disease. further, there’s absolutely nothing at all in either theory or practice that stops one government or another from developing such a cure. We don’t need to take over big pharma, we might though need to compete with it. Which is just fine.

And this is simply glorious!

First, Sierra Leone and Liberia are booming. They are enjoying very high growth figures – supposedly the symbol of a country’s “development”. In fact Liberia has the highest ratio of foreign direct investment to GDP in the world and has been growing at above 10% for years. Sierra Leone is now growing at above 20%.

The free-market dogma of our government would suggest that everything is in place to make the poor richer. But through the takeover of land, exploitation of minerals and privatisation of resources, west Africa’s wealth is leaving in shiploads, just as it always has done.

Well, yes, and what is it that comes in again to pay for those shiploads? That would be money, with which people can go buy things. Amazing how this trade thing works isn’t it?

You’ll not be surprised to find that this moron is with the World Development Movement. Entirely and totally ignorant of everything economic.

Sierra Leone has diamonds and, I think, iron ore. So, what would a poor peasantry prefer? To eat iron ore and diamonds? Or to get money for them to go buy other stuff? Swapping that iron ore for money is wealth leaving the country in what sodding manner?

Jebus but these people are ignorant cunts.

14 thoughts on “So Ebola is all our fault then, eh?”

  1. Well, let’s try a Russell Brand solution to a naturally rich country in Africa.

    South Africa.

    Get rid of all the whites who are leeching money and resources from the country. Replace them with people who fit the government profile.

    Then see what happens. In, say, the electricity generation business.

    Historically, SA provided power not only for itself, but also its neighbours, such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland, etc. Now, it has to have brownouts as it is no longer self sufficient in energy.

    But, hey, they don’t care because it’s THEIR brownouts. Yeah, right.

  2. John Miller, that particular final solution has already been implemented in Zimbabwe. What used to be the bread basket of Africa, is now just a basket case.

  3. They’ve had had how many thousands of years to build big Iron works?

    It is fools like these that keep Africa back. Instead of saying to the Africans, do some introspection, do what Japan did in the 19th century, get some education and proper governmental structures in place, and do your thing. No, they have to blame the rest of the industrialised world for the failings of the Africans.

  4. South Africa, Zimbabwe etc remind me of those ruins of old civilizations where nature has slowly reclaimed once grand buildings.

  5. It’s pure masturbation for the middle class Left who cannot conceive of a problem anywhere in the world which is not the fault of Capitalism, the West or (their favourite) Britain (meaning England).

  6. If the local branch of WHO hadn’t been stuffed with relatives instead of professionals the problem would have been contained and the outbreak burnt out by now. It has FA to do with economics or big pharma

  7. “This weekend celebrity musicians will come together to record a new version of 1980s hit Do They Know It’s Christmas. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure have galvanised a new generation of artists, including One Direction and Elbow, to raise money for the Ebola crisis. The question is whether this song will actually encourage an understanding of what’s happening in west Africa and build towards the political solutions needed, or whether it will simply reinforce tired and unhelpful stereotypes.”

    Amazing. The one time that someone is doing the sort of thing where the solution requires charity, the Guardian can’t help getting sniffy about it. I’m far from Geldof’s biggest fan, but getting a grip on Ebola, even in the short term, isn’t about dealing with the geopolitics or the economics, it’s about getting healthcare specialists out there, educating people about the disease etc. And that requires money, and if someone raises a few million, even if that involves One Direction, I’m struggling to find a downside.

    Most of the time, these people love pouring government money into NGOs that seems to vanish into thin air.

  8. This wouldn’t be so bad were the history books not chock full of 50 years of failed African socialist experiments and warlords trained, armed, and funded by fucking communists.

  9. “west Africa’s wealth is leaving in shiploads”: that reminds me of some twaddle from a Welsh socialist years ago, to the effect that “they were tearing the guts from our valley”. That’s one way to refer to an extractive industry that let its employees flaunt their prosperity by boasting of being “the aristocracy of labour”. How about developing a virus that kills only stupid and nasty people?

  10. The virus has now killed only 4,500 out of 14,000 infected. So death rates are plunging. (Source BBC)

    This before the NGOs have got any of their shit together.

    Could be that someone has got the local population to stop hugging and kissing dead relatives and wash their hands more often.

    And can survival rates be increased by such incredible breakthroughs such as washing your hands, isolation, hydration, and other stuff from medicine 101.?

  11. So Much for Subtlety

    Essentially, Ebola is an unprofitable disease. This won’t change until the stranglehold of big pharma over global medicines is broken, and we begin to fund and control medical research publicly.

    Actually with the decline of Empires, the big pharmaceutical companies do very little tropical medicine. They don’t bother as there is no money in it. So how does this tosser explain the fact that Ebola is still a problem? After all, the research into it is all funded publicly. By the Liberian Ministry of Health for instance – if you can use that expression to describe the institution they have.

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