So the mob of harpies has won, eh?

Julien Blanc, the American “pick-up artist” criticised for encouraging misogyny, has been barred from entering Britain by the Home Office.

Dating seminars run by the 25-year-old have sparked international criticism for their derogatory references to women and, in some cases, appearing to condone physical and emotional abuse.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is thought to have used powers more frequently deployed to bar hate preachers and other extremists from entering the country.

It is believed to be the first time the measures have been used to ban a foreigner entry on the grounds of sexist behaviour.

Liberal Democrat members of the Coalition appeared to be claiming the credit for the decision.


Not that I was likely to but that’s another reason never to vote Lib Dem then. I simply don’t regard some peoples’ view of an individual as being icky as a good enough reason to ban them from the country.

But then any mob that rouses itself in the run up to a general election can expect to get pleasured by the politicians, can’t it?

20 thoughts on “So the mob of harpies has won, eh?”

  1. On the bright side, we can now abolish an entire civil service department & put visa applications up on the web for the mob to vote on, right?

    God, I had little respect for Teresa May before this, but now? Roing over to appease the Vaginocracy?

    My regard for her can only be found via bathysphere at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

  2. “No platform for sexists?” Politicians deciding on a whim who can enter our country without regard to the rule of law. This kind of 1970s student union politics is just not the way to run a serious country.

  3. I’d agree if he was just a creepy pick-up merchant, but he does, apparently and allegedly, advocate the use of force on strangers in some circumstances, which can’t be a good thing.

    In other news, noted hate preacher Ali Aqbar McNutjob has been granted a visa to take the post of Islamist-in-Residence at Sussex University.

  4. I’m with custard cream. Blanc seems to have crossed the line by being actually violent toward women. That makes the difference.

  5. …..but we cant deal with actual serial child rapists? or the PC apologists who tiurmed a blind eye to their activities in Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby, Oxford and and and…..??

    This decison is an insult to all those victims and a triumph of PC style over substance in justice – Hang your head in shame Mrs May

  6. He now claims the pictures of him assaulting women were staged with female friends. He doesn’t deny encouraging his audience to copy them.

  7. Right, so advocating some low level violence against women is grounds for barring someone from the country. Fine. Presumably any Muslim cleric whose been caught on camera suggesting stoning of women and gays etc can now be excluded too? Indeed perhaps we should merely ask any Muslim wishing to enter the country if they support Sharia Law, and if so, on your camel Abdul!

  8. I had assumed this guy was a comedian. Pretty unfunny irony and satire, but it is there.

    Anyway, I also assumed Choudury & co were allowed to preach so that the followers could be discreetly filmed and discreetly followed thereafter. Same would apply to this guy, and half his audience would find themselves on the sex offenders register?

  9. Isnt it hilarious that it’s the Lib Dems! Can’t even deal with unacceptable sexual behaviour in their own party.

    As for being “liberal”- they gave up on that eons ago.

  10. Left Outside: That would be your brains is it?.

    If he commits a crime–ie actual assault rather than talking a lot of shit, then he should be arrested. If talking wicked shit is grounds for arrest lets get started on the left right now. If he has “assaulted” women why has he not been arrested. Esp in Japan–which has a very aggressive attitude toward those who get into its criminal system, heavy punishments and few barriers between “accused” rapidly becoming “guilty”.

  11. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Pre-emptive policing rapidly disappearing up its own arse is an open goal for fascism.

    Let the guy in, stick some police in the audience if you think he’s likely to breach incitement laws, and kick him right back out if he does so. Provable justice seen to be done. Not alleged justice done just in case something illegal maybe happening at some point.


  12. …and obviously throw the book at him if he puts some of his viler tactics into practice around here.

    But no, apparently we must try to protect people from the possibility of crime, from the trauma of having to report to the police that some guy stuck your head in his lap, or vice versa. From the moral dilemma of whether kicking the guy in the bollocks if he gets too fresh is reinforcing the foundation of violence on which the Patriarchy is built, or whether.

    I need a lie down.

  13. “…powers more frequently deployed to bar hate preachers and other extremists…” and “…believed to be the first time the measures have been used …”

    Yes sirree no mission creep here, no none at all: these new laws will only be used against extremists, you have nothing to worry about at all, etc etc.

    Don’t we ever learn?

    The whole thing is of course manufactured outrage of the silliest kind. You don’t like what the guy says? So don’t listen to him. End of.

  14. Dating seminars run by the 25-year-old have sparked international criticism for their derogatory references to women and, in some cases, appearing to condone incite physical and emotional abuse.

  15. First they came for
    – ‘hate preachers’ (preferably Christian)
    – old boys who heckle a Foreign Secretary
    – countries whose banking system gets out of hand
    – some bloke whose too misogynistic for a wannabe-Thatcher’s* taste.

    Who will they come for next with their ‘anti-terrorist’ powers?

    * I suspect the real Mrs. T would have had him for breakfast, BTW.

  16. As obligato says, the real outrage is that the Home Office has done fuck all to bang up the thousands of child rapists still walking the streets of Rotherham.

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