The Dom and Nigel show

How odd:

But Nigel Farage is to face a new inquisition next year: from the “posh couple” in Gogglebox.

Mr Farage, the Ukip leader, will appear on a spin-off Channel 4 show in which Dom and Steph Parker conduct interviews at home.

To see someone you’ve worked for interviewed by someone you were at school with…..

6 thoughts on “The Dom and Nigel show”

  1. Not at all, I’m fine with Nigel. Didn’t have any illusions going in and none were shattered while I was there. Further, he’s done a sterling job keeping Ukip together to get to this point.

    One of the great differences between Richard North and myself is I’m a total cynic about politics. It’s a way of working out who takes the bins out, nothing more. Richard is, hmm perhaps not quite the right word but, rather more romantic about it than I am.

  2. Interesting. I think he is a purist who likes to dig in and analyse a problem until he has mastered the detail while NF is probably much more off the cuff. Opposites do not always attract.

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