Timmy elsewhere

At The Register.

One of the little joys of writing for El Reg is the constant straining at the envelope. Will the subs let me get away with this phrase?

A few weeks back it was “the best thing since your inlaws discovered dogging” that made it through. Today it’s:

I often wonder why it is that people bother publishing “research” papers that are obviously incorrect. Is it that they’re getting paid to spout bollocks? Or, is there some thought that we’re all too stupid to realise that they’re teabagging great big hairy ones at us?

It’s not perfect, I agree, but there’s a joy at being able to get something like that into print.

7 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    Who says the people at McKinsey aren’t actually stupid? Have you ever met a management consultant? They’re much like most politicians. Full of wind about how you should do your job but have never actually done a job themselves.

  2. El Reg are a great set of people. They aren’t afraid to use naughty words or be a bit risqué, all the better to be in tune with their readership or tend to be unconventional – well nerds and geeks are not usually seen as a normal part of society.

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