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  1. Yes Timmy, seeding the oceans would be cheap. And maybe even effective.

    But leaving aside any effect on fish stocks, why would we bother?

    Given that the effect on plant life is beneficial, and proven, repeatable by experiment; and the harm to animals is nugatory or absent; why should we try to reduce atmospheric CO2? Where are the hurricanoes and waterspouts we’ve been told to expect?

    More CO2 now please, there’s some third world mouths to feed, you know.

  2. O/T but of interest, I think, to some here.

    ISTR there was a discussion here recently of the economics of building a castle in medieval France, including the manufacture of nails. There was some mention of people building such a castle now, in order to understand how it was done.

    Lo and behold, there was a programme on BBC2 this evening about people building a medieval castle in modern France (including manufacture of nails).

    It was part one of, I think, a 3-part series.

    Secrets of the Castle, 7pm Sundays BBC2.

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