Well, yes, but

I’m sure there’s something hinky going on here.

George Osborne has declared victory over the European Union and said he had forced Brussels to halve the UK’s £1.7billion budget bill.

Mr Osborne said he had worked “intensively” to secure a “better deal” for Britain over the budget demand, which was levied because of the success of Britain’s economy.

The UK will now pay £850million in two instalments in July and September next year.

EU rules have also been changed to ensure that Britain can never again be “ambushed” with an “enormous” bill.

Downing Street said that the bill had been halved because Britain’s rebate from Brussels is now being applied to the bill one year early.

However, critics immediately claimed that the rebate was always due to apply to the bill and insisted that the Government is effectively still paying £1.7billion.

My suspicion is that Britain’s rebate will be reduced by, ooooh, around and about £850 million shall we say?

But there’s definitely something hinky in this. No way did Brussels agree so quickly to say bye bye to £850 million.

6 thoughts on “Well, yes, but”

  1. I think everyone knows it’s bullshit, at least everyone who cares, so I don’t know if it even counts as “deception”.

  2. it well maybes. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of the famous worstall unintended consequences analysis of the possible impact of voting UKIP. Deeper engagement with EU under a labour government?

  3. The amount doesn’t really matter. an almost uncommented-upon item in the Rebategate scandal was that the reworked amount included an unspecified assessment of the black economy, including drug trafficking, sex-slavery and people trafficking and Rotherham-type entrepreneurship. This tribute, of activities which are illegal under UK law, is effectively uncollectible and most certainly depraved in the extreme. Much handwaving by Dave over the amount, but no challenge to the principle of the EU living off immoral earnings. This from the man who is offering to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the UK if we are mug enough to re-elect him. If you want your Country back, vote UKIP.

  4. > This from the man who is offering to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the UK

    I know this is a typo and you meant “EU”, but, in all seriousness, I’m beginning to think this is a damn good idea. UKIP don’t go far enough, in my opinion. I want the UK to leave the EU, and then to consider leaving the bloody UK.

    My preferred implementation would be a ring of tanks around Whitehall, facing inwards. And we could still have elections, choosing who to send in there.

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