When in Czech do as the Czechs do

I appear to have it on good authority that swearing is just fine:

Speaking to a newspaper Milos Zeman remained unrepentant over his choice of vocabulary during an interview for Czech Radio despite coming under a barrage of attacks from politicians, media and the public.

“I see absolutely no reason to apologise for what I said,” the president told the newspaper Dnes, adding that “only a hypocrite opposes the use of swear words”.

The only problem with using this as an authority for my continued swearing is that Zeman himself is such a cunt and shouldn’t therefore be used as a source of authority.

3 thoughts on “When in Czech do as the Czechs do”

  1. Interesting that he swore in Czech and Anglo-Saxon. The latter is one of the greatest gifts the Anglosphere has given to the world. It’s a universal language.

    My partner, her daughter and I had a surreal taxi ride in southern Thailand a couple of years ago. For the entire journey, the driver kept up a stream-of-consciousness monologue: 50% Thai, 50% Anglo-Saxon. We all (Thai/Japanese/English) understood the Anglo-Saxon. The Thai, not so many.

  2. I’d never heard of this guy before, now I’m a fan. Never apologise, never surrender…

    And yes Pussy Riot are a bunch of cunts, just as it says on the label.

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